Can schizophrenics aim high in life?

  • yes
  • no

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Concerning life goals, what do you think?

Who are some examples?


I met a guy who had psychosis and is conquering many things in life, but he didn’t say if he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

They say Carl Jung had psychosis and, I don’t know, some people may have had psychosis but they, after having a huge success, don’t expose to other people they had this problem.


Of course, especially in the future. I have hope.

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Well I dont feel well enough to aim high in life. I’m only being realistic


@DelusionalSandwich became a dentist. With me personally I can’t be good at something unless I practice all the time. Not very good at school work either.

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Was it a joke with my nickname?

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I really don’t know. I don’t think so. Just a unrelated coincidence.

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I have achieved against the odds, and many people on this forum have too that you see everyday.

I first had psychosis at 17, and that was 15 years ago now.

I didn’t get very far for a good 12 years, but in the last 3 I have got myself a good job.

My achievements may be normal things, but given the circumstances I am pleased with what I have done with myself.

Medication makes me sane enough to work, and insight for the last year has kept me out of hospital.


Sure you can. I’m doing very well with my recovery and am happy with where I fit. I have a sound mind, which was a gift. I have learned to manage my life better. I have the support I need and I am ever so grateful for them. And let them know when I can. I feel, like I’m where I need to be. Thanks to the meds, therapy, mindful exercises, eating right, and the beautiful walks to get that extra energy out of me. Life is good. :slight_smile:


Lol, I like it!

done some great things with my recovery
i voted no because of my drive after my first episode and all through my 20’s wanting to be a 'high achiver" despite having schizophrenia

this was never possible for me with cognitive difficulties, social difficulties, and feeling unwell with medication or anxious AND the work made me need hospital stays every time i tried to ‘high achieve’

i gave up in my 30’s
aimed for slightly more humble stuff
yes i have achieved

but i have a high achieving family who would have expected much more
this is at least as big a work ethic as anyone alive and it was killed out of me

now i achieve at being chained to the kitchen sink in wedded matrimony

I have a lot of hidden potential that no one can see or believe. I used to be famous or semi famous in a few of my past lives. I believe there is a chance I’ll be semi-famous (which I don’t want) when we find out we live in a simulation again. I’m no Elon musk and he doesn’t really deserve the recognition for simulation theory. He’s just a smart billionaire who jumped on the band wagon. The real people who deserve recognition are the scientists that prove it.

While I like Elon Musk, I think he’s overrated.

I think you should have an option for ‘maybe’ id have chosen maybe as i feel it depends on a lot of different factors like meds, support, severity, environment, i think if you are more functioning and have a better support network, and meds work well then maybe,

I try to aim as high as i can, i want to be the best that i can be but for some people they are at a different stage in life maybe have smaller goals but thats cool bc i was at that place once too and maybe there is hope small goals can increase etc.


Good points . Some have a greater capacity to aim high than others .


Elyn Saks, had schizophrenia when she was 19. She is now an award winning uni professor


A modern day john nash.

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While I haven’t achieved anything in this life and probably won’t (the odds are against me significantly), I hope to. I want to make $100k a year before taxes and marry a blonde woman and have kids…

I want to lose weight, increase my hygiene skills, and get a degree.

I usually don’t achieve anything with my life. I suffered a terrible fate. But I believe in past lives and no kind of medication will change my belief system. I even had people or perhaps aliens tell me I really don’t have schizophrenia. But if I don’t, why don’t I have any motivation? Why can’t I brush my teeth anymore or shower regularly? I doubt I have just bipolar or even schizotypal aspergers. I doubt a lot of things. Even at my worst, I never heard voices or hallucinated. I just had severe depression, dissociation, and negative symptoms brought on by risperdal and other APs. Vraylar is great in that it works with my body chemistry.

I am a former computer simulator in another life. Probably a former ET not by choice. I was born human. Don’t think you can achieve anything higher than that in life. There is a rank and I’m at the bottom but so what? I had a great life once. I’ve seen the Riemann Hypothesis for example. John Nash couldn’t even do that.

I’m not a narcissist just telling you my story. I’ve been through some terrible, ■■■■■■ up ■■■■. Even traveled through time. It’s a blessing and a curse that no one believes me. If they did, I think I would get scared or even freak out.

I have a soft spot for schizophrenics. And yes I do have a diagnosis. Just because I believe we are in the matrix shouldn’t automatically qualify you for a paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis. I will never go back to a Christian mental hospital again, especially after they almost killed me with over-medication and from NMS.

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Now that my Zyprexa is working so well, I can see myself being able to aim higher. My pdoc and I both thought I would be on disability for the rest of my life, but I am now able to look for a full-time job. I am driving myself, volunteering until I find a paid job, doing errands on my own, losing weight…none of those things were happening in February. On the right med, and with my family’s support, I now have a few goals that I know I can achieve. It feels good.

In no way do I believe I am unique. I believe we are all capable of reaching for our goals, whatever they may be.


I aim high and so far I’ve met every major goal I’ve set for myself. I’m already halfway done with nursing school!


Within reason…………….

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