The hygiene thing

It comes so easy for some people but it’s a struggle for a lot of us. I wouldn’t say I’m at crisis point with it but there’s definitely been a downturn in the desire to bathe/shower. Really have to push myself to do it and the days saying “Fuck it , I can’t be bothered” have increased.

The thing is I’m delaying doing it. Whereas I had got in the routine of as soon as I woke up properly heading for the bath or shower.

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I know what you mean. I walk on the treadmill now in the mornings, so i get sweaty, therefore i take a shower. But before i started exercising i would only shower like once a week. It can be really tough to make yourself do it.

I need a shower bad and I can’t seem to put in the effort.

I’m trying to take a bath every other day. But it’s turning out to be every third day usually. I really want to step it up. It’s a goal.

I never take more than 3 baths or showers a week. Usually 2 in the cold season; 3 when it’s hot and I tend to sweat more. It feels comforting and relaxing.
@firemonkey , have you considered getting a massage every now and then? Could ease your anxiety and help you stay more relaxed.

I’ve never considered a massage.

It is a hassle for me, too. But the pressure of my self-consciousness outweighs any inconvenience related to management of personal hygiene, and thus I shower 6-7 times each week.

Thankfully it’s not a problem for me now, but there were several years when I went for months without washing, rarely cleaned my teeth, wore the same clothes for weeks on end. I don’t know if it was negative symptoms or sedation from the meds but it really really sucks, it just drains the motivation from you. It makes doing even the most basic stuff very hard.

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