Showered 4 days in a row. I'm happy

So I usually shower once a week. This week I’ve showered 4 or 5 days in a row. I realized how relaxing a hot shower is and love to reap the benefits.


I need to shower more myself too. The last several days I have been showering because of the heat not working well. I was using the Hot water to warm up.


I think i might have a bath soon as well.

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That’s awesome dude! Showers are soo nice especially warm/hot ones when it’s cold outside. I’m glad you’re doing more for your personal hygiene.

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Thanks @bittercat. I didnt even use soap today. It was more just about feeling the hot water on my body. It takes the edge off my anxiety a bit. At least while im in the shower. The anxiety creeps back in after the shower is over


Nice one+ a victory! :grin:

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You found a healthy coping skill, soap or not. I call that a win.

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I try to shower at least twice a week and more when I’m feeling it. That’s great that showering is helping with your anxiety.

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