The Holocaust started with killing the mentally ill

Did you know this? It was the psychiatrists who recommended that the mentally ill be killed. They wanted to go even further and kill the relatives of the mentally ill, but the Nazis thought that that was too extreme. There was no outcry when the mentally ill were being killed. This fact makes me weary of psychiatrists. Not that they currently want to kill the mentally ill, but that they don’t always have the best interests of the patient at heart.

karma never misses, as some one once said " you can hide behind a tree, but the karmic arrow will always find you . "
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Psychiatrists won’t kill us now because the mentally ill are a lucrative income for them.


I took psychology of evil last semester, it talked about this…it was messed up

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I’ve heard of this, I think only the most extreme person would want to kill the mentally ill. People that don’t realize that an everyday person could suffer from mental illness and they not know.


Alot of us wander the streets today.

I think things change, but basically they stay the same.

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Psychiatry has a very dark past. Doctors basically experimented on patients, kind of like today, but a lot more torture filled. I’m talking about before typical antipsychotics. When the typicals came out - psychiatry became a bit more sophisticated and humane. I think today psychiatrists are really trying to do their best. But psychiatry is not an exact science. Their is a lot of hit and miss - trial and error going on. Nothing is really certain - nothing is really tangible.
The treatments are hit and miss - the results are vague, the diagnosis labels are vague. The atypicals basically do a lot of damage to the metabolic system. I’m not anti med, just wishing the meds would get a bit more refined.

The mentally ill (and just plain ill) people are very much needed to test new products. How else will they know what works or don’t? Problem is everyone only wants what is going to work well without any bothersome side effects.
Not possible to get there from here.
You can only do so much with rats and monkeys.

I’m not talking about drug phase trials. The psychiatric treatments in the past were barbaric and very primitive, you can say this holds true for past general medical practices.

yeah I suppose the idea was to out breed mental illness I guess the didn’t understand the nature of the genes properly. that is shocking tho and I did not know that.

The nazis said they were exterminating all “useless eaters” and the mentally ill back then were not on meds and living on their own like we often do these days. It included retarded people, gypsies and even vegetative old people if I am not mistaken.

I think you might have misinterpreted. They sterilized the mentally ill… Some men said that this was “killing them”. But it wasn’t. It was only sterilization… which I’m not saying is right. I’m just saying its not murder.

They killed political opponents.

This has been making me do a bit of reading and I didn’t know that the deaf, blind, and ANY other disability was also considered an affront. I just read about the sterilisation. If your kid was deaf, or blind you would be sterilized to make sure those genes were removed.

Homosexuality was also considered a mental illness by them. Not just the mentally ill were killed. So many were killed, free masons, pacifist, leftist, poles, slavs, non-whites, the one that got me was "women who spouted leftist propaganda and didn’t know their rightful place were also quickly executed. Redheads were also considered impure and recessive gene.

Due to my issue with kidnappers… I knew about the baby factories and the Lebensborn programs. Kidnapping children of other european nations that held the right attributes in order to have more babies and make a super race… The whole period of history was out of control.

It wasn’t just Germany in the 40’s. Romania in 1431 did this too… The poor and sick were burned alive. Gypsies really bore the brunt of a lot of hate…

People wanted to be communist to care for the mentally ill. But they weren’t executed as mentally ill. They were executed as communists.

Communism was originally an ethic of making mankind equal… We see what capitalism does. It wars for profit… and it lies about its reasons for money.

The scariest thing to me about george bush and all them other republicans, is that they claim to be representatives of capitalism. A thing that, like communism, has been misconstrued before the eyes of the world. And corrupted… They weren’t capitalists. They were liars… and nothing, not even capitalism, can survive on lieing. It slowly dies… miserably.

Capitalism, Communism, perhaps even tyranny… were all originally invented to make things better. And then they were taken over… by carpetbaggers.

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Shame all that info they discovered from all those horrible experiments got suppressed. What was done was done, it should have been shared the findings, then they wouldn’t have all died for nothing.

In fact there was protesting (the only one that was ever done in the Nazi empire publicly) against killing of disabled persons, organized by a bishop of the Protestant church. The government order was officially withdrawn, but killing went on, mainly promoted by the docs.

Thanks for that clarification, Olon.

i think it is a slippery slope that starts earlier,
the hatred of evil, the exclusion of demons from human reality.
kill the demons, burn them at the stake,
judas directed to “abort” the demon within him,
me forced to go through catholic exorcism rituals,

how big a jump is it from “kill the demons” to “kill the schizophrenics who bring us the demons”?

really just a majority issue.
if the majority of us were mad,
and a few of you rational and scientific,
guess who’d get burned at the stake…

or would the mad be better than that, let you rational nuts live in a cave somewhere and do accounting or something…


I am not judging, just stating the facts that at one time psychiatric treatments were primitive. There probably are lessons to be learned from this - somewhere. I get the sense that at the time of the psychiatric dark ages. the mentally Ill were also treated as sub human. We were human lab rats, and I guess what you are saying is this is all ok because its in the name of science.

Far from saying it’s ok for the name of science. It is never ok to do what what done, never. The truth being there was some very valuable information (ill-gotten nonetheless) from all the horrible experiments, that could have been applied to save lives today.
It’s complicated to explain, but If it had been me tortured and/or killed, I would feel that to be killed for nothing is the ultimate waste of life…? If some lives could be relieved of a little pain gained from it all, then it wouldn’t have been a waste.