I need these forums

for my emotional balance sometimes. everything adds up to “too much” sometimes for me and when I come on here it helps.




I go thru times of thinking I don’t want to go on the forum because I don’t like to be reminded of my sz, but every day, here I am. I think we need each other.


I depend on the forum for a lot of my daily socialization. I love being able to interact with you guys, and help when I can.

I try to limit my talk of schizophrenia though. I find that the more I talk about it, the more symptoms I encounter. That’s why I rarely talk about my positive symptoms.

I’m very thankful for all of you guys, and for all the hard work that goes into keeping this great forum up and running.




I frequent this site because I feel that I can relate to others going through what I am going through - I like to contribute and learn


I think talking about positive symptoms isnt really a good thing- its like shining light on the same old ■■■■ that we all experience. I think some people just like talking about how crazy they are. All I hear is diagnostic criteria. I do like the new recovery section, and the medications section is very useful. Delusions, not so much. I disapprove of encouragement of shining light on just typical schizophrenic garbage.

It is good to hear positive attitudes and people learning to cope and manage their symptoms and become people who have schizophrenia, not just schizophrenics.


I like that there is a delusions sub-forum. It makes a clear distinction between delusional posts and the rest of the forum and yet still gives an outlet for those suffering severe symptoms to express themselves.

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Also helpful for people who need to understand what someone is going through–my son never talks about his voices or dellusions. I would love my daughters to see this so they understand they`re brother. In so many ways,this forum is better then going to NAMI


Good points Chordy…

I need this forum too. It helps me a lot…its basically my only social life.


This forum has taught me how to focus and stay on topic better, I think I’ve gotten better at the idea of communication through this site.

I love it here… it’s given me lots and lots of ideas, support and goals to strive for. I didn’t even think about college until I started getting on this site and seeing how many people here WERE in college.

Small ideas on this forum can become life changing events when acted on. Thank you everyone. I feel I’ve learned and grown a lot in the short time I’ve been on here.


This forum helps me so much. I learn so much about symptoms, medications and what it is like to have sz. My son does not talk about what he is going through either. It nice to have the camaraderie with all of you guys too.

@bridgecomet I agree with you about how helpful this site is for our family members. NAMI classes were helpful in some ways, but the class was so chock full of paperwork/information, there was never any time left to just share experiences and information amongst ourselves.

I have said it before on here, but quite often I will follow my husband around with my laptop and read to him things that are interesting and useful for us.


wanted to laugh at that! wonder if that would work with my son!

If he’s like mine, probably not lol!

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