The five main ways schizos view their reality (my opinion) via movies

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1 Conspiracy/mind control - contradicts the history and complexity (within the modern paradigm to be conceived)
2 Demons - contradicts “science”, except for the whole big bang event (most culturally acceptable among normal people)
3 Aliens - “far out there” - too outside the box "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic (Arthur C Clark)"
4 Humanoid telepaths - they would have to rest some time
5 illness - contradicts my experience

I see myself as a husband and a father who manages multiple health conditions. I worry more about my weight and my diabetes than my SZ. Don’t think I fit onto your list well.



I view my reality as an adventure.


Says the guy who is a mod on a shizo forum. You would fit into category number 5, since John Nash claimed he thought he was mentally ill later in the movie.

Haven’t watched the movie. I don’t bother watching films about SZ. Or reading books about it. Or trying to derive meaning about it from every song I listen to. It’s just a health condition.

Only reason I’m here is to let people know that a SZ diagnosis isn’t the end. Weren’t a lot of positive examples for my treatment team to point to when I was first diagnosed. I see it as my responsibility as someone who is high functioning to let others know that it’s possible with the right meds and right attitude.



Did you watch the latest movie about Stephen Hawking, or do you not bother watching movies about cripples too? 524545

Some people choose to not let films twist there perceptions :wink:

And I’ll add the news to that and outlandish documentaries. :slight_smile:

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So movies cause psychosis in your book? Interesting. Or is it more often the case the psychotic writes the movie. :wink: Just food for thought. The film industry has been plagiarizing our ideas for a long time now.

No it doesn’t but your core views will get intertwined in it

Sounds like a Chick Flick. Blech. Did it start Anthony Hopkins in a non-Lector role? Because I don’t think my delicate constitution can handle that sort of assault. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I want to expand my mind I read a book. If I want to shut my mind off I watch Netflix. Crank and Crank 2 with Jason Statham are pretty much my idea of ideal viewing. Have no idea why I’d want to watch a movie that doesn’t feature over-the-top violence and horrible dialogue.


Don’t your voices command you to jerk off? Kind of like JOI instructional porn videos?


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That is far left field.

No I’m saying that it got mixed in with your psychosis. Anyway I feel like I’m speaking to a wall.

I only mention that from my own experiences embarrassingly enough…

Over and out.

JOI has little to do with what TIs would call electronic rape. I know people who experienced the same thing 20+ years ago. It is not so simple as a voice “commanding me to jerk off.”

But in your case ya never know.

Just keep an open mind about it. You may be able to come out of your delusion

I do know because my experiences with their sexual attacks has little to do with JOIs. In JOI the woman does not mechanically induce an erection that lasts an hour and insert images into your mind.

Sounds like it could be intrusive thoughts relating to command hallucinations.

Delusions are weird because for me when I have a delusion the hallucinations follow relating to it.

In this case the delusion is that there is an entity that is a woman that exists that could do such a thing.
Your belief in it could empower that

And an “intrusive erection” to boot, when I normally suffer from severe sexual dysfunction.

In my book you’re just making it up as you go along with mumbo jumbo, no offense.