New movie about schizophrenia


I dont like sz movies, they show schizophrenics as stupid.


I actually kind of liked this movie.


Il watch anything with schizophrenics in it

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No thats shite 16(1(

Not so sure about this one I’m afraid

Seems like the film from what I see there is portraying the message that if the family does more to understand, everyone will live happily ever after

Problem with films is they usually have some sort of feel good ending - but with SZ, it doesn’t quite work like that

From my experience, there are ups and downs, and continuous set backs that you have to learn to overcome.

There is no straight trajectory, no path that we all must take. Each case is so unique in its characteristics and presentation, I doubt a film about 1 person can correctly address the complexities

Just my thoughts.

Personally I think the money would have been better spent on a more up to date documentary that was a feature length film, showing the modern day life of people with this illness - not some Hollywood feel-good fad.


I didnt watch that one but Hangover and the trailer above show schizophrenics as stupid.

yeah the intro already sorta triggered me…the “hallucinations” aren’t realistic at all.


Like why would the schizophrenic break the car door and burn the house. They should focus more on the clinical symptoms rather than making it an action movie


Yeah that would be wonderful, like a feature length documentary. It would be difficult. I would love to produce a movie about schizophrenia, but everyone is so unique that not everyone with schizophrenia could relate.

For me, my experiences are discerning between internal/my mind, my eccentric out there-ness, and learning to be rational. And when I become irrational, lose depth, It can be complex— I open the doors to many perceptions…right now the doors only slightly open to let in the light.

I thought fear of rain was ok.

It is an interesting name for a movie, Broken Diamonds. Just wondering how they came up with this.


Just stumbled across this. Its the most accurate to my own experience.


I really like that movie.


It was an interesting short movie. I have just had voices and I have not had any visual hallucinations. When I started having voices in 1998 I experienced some strange things. Once I was alone in the house where I lived in Atlanta and voices told me to drive to a local mall because there were many people and those people who followed me could not follow me in the crowded mall. There was a woman wearing her sunglasses in the front of the mall.