The final stretch and stress (college)

So I haven’t made a B yet this semester. I have all 4 of my finals within less than 24 hours of each other, yay. I worked out and I think skipping training was what had me feeling like I was on the edge, I feel relaxed and like I can manage these finals now. Maybe I will workout again tomorrow for safe measure.

I am not worried about my two psych classes, they wont be a problem, but french and logic require lots of tedious memorization. French is going well, logic is going OK but not exactly well, but in a few days I can master these 18 formulas (they have two variations each, more like 36 formulas)

if I can just memorize these formulas I will at least pass, if not make an A or B. I could make a B or even a C on the final and come out with an A or a B because my grade is quite high so far.

Hope you fellow students are doing well and staying healthy amidst finals. Maybe yours arent all within 24 hours, LOL

I had a brief relapse and breakdown yesterday. I took a nap and woke up normal. That was my first actual relapse in quite a while, about 6 months, and my parents told me to just quit trying to be perfect and that my mental health matters more than a perfect GPA.

They said my recovery has been too perfect and something like this was bound to happen, that I had come shockingly far in a very short amount of time and that I need to keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race, that powerlifting and making straight A’s for the past year has been somewhat ridiculous given my prognosis when I was evaluated (morbid prognosis, suicide within a decade and further psychopathic deviance was in the works). I have also been dating for the past year and have made a handful of new friends. Lots of people want to get in my pants and I’ve let a few of them in, but I am trying to have a relationship with someone now and not just be f-buddies.

One of my friends visited yesterday and today and told me not to pressure myself to make A’s and just to pass, he pointed out that the psych classes are what they will look at for grad school, and I have no problems with them, I am sure I will make an A in them, the lowest grade ive made so far in either of them was a 95.

Maybe this is way too long of a post, I am pretty stressed and I recently had a relapse and felt like I was going back to square one, so I am sort of venting.

How are you guys all doing? @CarolineC @SurprisedJ, whoever else is taking classes? (sorry to forget who else is)

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I’m a bit of a perfectionist myself which is ironic since I am a 180 degrees south of perfect (whatever that means lol). I am taking one online class in Humanities. I am in the middle of writing a 700 word essay right now, just taking a quick soda break. I can relate. My life is over every day, but something happens and I just keep going. Life would be funny that way, if it wasn’t actually so dead serious. I find myself allowing myself to smile at certain things in life. What a relief! My worst fear is being laughed at. Also what makes me maddest. But it dawned on me fairly recently that EVERYONE is funny in some ways and not to take myself so seriously a 100% of the time. I mean there’s a difference between saying funny things for a laugh and then there’s just being human and making awkward mistakes that people are bound to chuckle about. EVERYBODY embarrasses themselves sometimes. I can see that. Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack your thread.


I’m taking classes. Maybe I was born with a little bit of the perfectionist in me, but I was worn down by disorganised thinking in my early teen years. It turned me into a rebel. Instead of making all A’s like the rest of my dad’s family I got down and dirty with a few C’s. This second time around with college proves that I’m more responsible and I can remember stuff better.

Last week was really stressful and I had two of my finals change days. (I have 2 finals in this one dick class. It’s a play that I have to act in!) This other professor asked for written proof (which is not required by the student handbook) before he’d sign my letter to have my final moved, because it was at the same time as this play.

This morning I still hadn’t picked up my paycheck, so I was relying on church coffee which was horribly burnt. This means I’ve no energy for the day. I haven’t studied. I have a headache.

My sis and I both go to the same college for now, Mid june is our final stretch. So far so good. I’m in three classes this time. Two on-line, one on campus. I don’t know if I’m perfectionist. But so far the grades are surprisingly well.

The only thing I’m a bit nervous is this week is that Bird and Bee presentation I have to give for work. But my sis did the power point, we have the props, I know what I’m going to say, I’ve been practicing. If you would have asked me three years ago if I would have been able to speak in front of a group of anyone… the answer would be no.

Even if I get a B in my second quarter ever… considering I was in hospital when my friends were graduating, I had to take my GED instead, and I’ve been homeless… I’m pretty happy with the grades I’m getting so far. I am getting help with my homework since I am still working.

Good luck with everything @mortimermouse having the finals in a 24 hour cluster would suck, until you find your finished before everyone else.



I am a perfectionist too, I’m doing a psychology degree (but soon to change to psychology and arts) and I have a qualitative report due in on Wednesday and then another essay due in next Wednesday then three weeks of revision before a four and a half hours exam (I’m a part time student), I’ve got ten minutes rest breaks every hour but I’m scared I’ll lose energy and get tired. I’m not so worried about the qual report but the essay is going to be a hard one!

I’m just going to do my best to get this module done and then I can choose modules I feel interested in (I’ve been working on psychology three years with no break and I need a change) so it’s a relief and I’m determined to get the best grade possible!

Good luck @mortimermouse with your finals @SurprisedJ with your presentation and @77nick77 with your essay! I’m sure we can do it!

Take care and go steady,


I have a bunch of tests today. Fortunately, I was exempted from my final in Business and Professional Speech because I had perfect attendence and had turned in all of my assignments in on time, otherwise I would have had a test in that class too today. I have a psychology exam today, and I have to get a 90% in order to get an A in that class, otherwise I could take optional final on Wednesday, which would replace my lowest exam score. I don’t want to have to do that because I have a final in my Cultural Realities of Spain class on Wednesday, and I really need to study for it. I also have my last test in my Intro to Ethics class today. I only have to get seven points out of twenty-two and a half in order to get an A in that class. His tests have extra credit built in, and so far I have gotten 21.5 out of 20 on the two tests, this is out of a possible 22.5. He also gave us an extra credit essay that we could write. He also gives us an optional final on either Wednesday or Friday. I’m going to sign up for the optional final, but I have a feeling I won’t have to take it.

So that’s how I’m doing right now. I’m definitely feeling the pressure, but I am also looking forward to it being all over, and hopefully looking back on good grades.

Good luck to everyone!


Glad to hear that everyone is doing so well this semester.

I’ve just got my Anatomy & Physiology and then my Ethics final this week. I thought some of the anxiety I’ve been having would go away after I made my presentation for the Ethics class, but it hasn’t. Hopefully it’ll abate after finals. I only get 1 week off before the summer session starts. I’m taking Microbiology and am anxious about the lab for that because I haven’t taken a real science course since high school.