Finals, waking up at 2am and drinking

So I was fast asleep with my usual vivid dreams and then I woke up at 2am wide awake. I got desperate to go back to sleep and chugged two hard ciders. Then I decided that was a bad idea and make myself puke on the back porch. My dad just hosed it off and was like “wtf why were you drinking at 2am during finals?” I have a final at 1pm today, im not worried about it at all, but I have two back to back starting at 8am tomorrow and I am worried sick about them- french 2020 and logic 1116, both tedious and tons of memorization. Hopefully I will take a nap after the one today and then study for the next two tonight.

I just wish my brain hadnt decided to wake me up at 2am.

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I have a two day emotional delay and I think it’s helping me. During the finals I’m Ok. It doesn’t hit me. After the finals I feel a bit worn down and off balance.

My sis has some hard core test anxiety. She studies like an obsession. But she will really get tightly wound durning test. I can tell she hears voices. But when the finals are over, the twitchy behavior is gone too.

This is her last year of Running Start of course, then she graduates high school this June. Maybe not keeping up the grades for the accelerated program, the stakes won’t be so high for her and she’ll calm down a bit during finals.

Good luck… you’ll do fine.


Really? That’s not good dude

Non-diagnosed can experience tactile, visual and auditory hallucinations. It is probably more common than you would think.


She’ll run out to the front room looking very worried and she’ll ask… “What? What do you need? Why are you yelling for help?”

I’m sitting on the sofa, reading a book and drinking tea with my feet up, I’m not yelling for help.

We live near the water and she is a lifeguard… sometimes she run to the window and scan out. When I ask what she’s doing she says she thought she heard someone yelling for help on the beach. When finals are over, she doesn’t do this anymore.


interesting…i have heard of people having hallucinations during stress, just not on our level- they dont hear constant voices, they have light hiccups in their perception. My sister complained of a few hallucinations when she was at this job which she hated.


I mean I am OK I just really wish I could have slept for 8 hours. I’ll manage. I’ll try to nap now and hopefully catch up on sleep. I am worried about those logic formulas, but the worst than can happen is I crash after my final today and take a nap, drink a coffee or a redbull and then study logic and french for a few hours.

I did finals while psychotic at this time last year and made a 3.5. I just need to give one last day of effort and then I can take those two finals tomorrow morning and be free.

I really hate how school is structured- too much at once then nothing at all during winter and summer breaks. I am taking chemistry with labs this summer, both 1110+1111 and 1120+1121. Come friday I am free until June 2nd. I have A’s in all of my classes, I am thinking about just halfassing french and logic and making B’s. My mom is on her recliner half awake and told me that my mental health is slipping and it’s not worth a 4.0, losing it is not an option she said.

I will do fine on the psych exams today, I might just ■■■■■■■■ the french and logic. My GPA is pretty high and can take two B’s. Last semester I made a 3.96 and my first semester I made a 3.9. I tend to do much better the first semester each year. I can feel that I am burnt out right now, I have lost my energy and motivation.

After all, it’s sort of a miracle for a schizophrenic to be a full time student with above a 3.0. I have to remind myself that I am not like the other students, I have a serious disability and don’t really belong in school in the first place. Not saying I won’t try, I just wont be a perfectionist. I could just not study or even not show up at all and still pass, given that I havent made a B this semester. I mean I will study and I will take the exams, but I am not going to lose my mind over a B instead of an A.

I think my concentration, behavioral neuroscience and my personal statement for sure will stand out to grad schools. I think they might understand not giving a ■■■■ about classes like french and formal logic. I have nearly all A’s in all of the psych classes I have taken, B+'s in two of them. I mean my personal statement will be the best one they have read, other kids try not to say “I wanna help people but only if I drive a mercedes and live in a big house in the suburbs” while I will be like “im ■■■■■■■ schizophrenic myself but I highly function, I want to dedicate my life to eradicating schizophrenia so let me study psych at your school. I don’t want to make lots of money, I want to kill mental illnesses with a greatsword”


fast forward to 5:20 to see a human ballistics gel demo

My mum does this when she’s stressed, she’ll hear me yell for help, shout etc when I’m just relaxed. I think this could be the nature of being a carer, your sister is a naturally caring person and feels responsibility for a lot of things including being a lifeguard it can just be stress causes her anxieties to become exacerbated and express themselves in that way, as BarbieBF said it’s much more common than we expect, it’s when it becomes more of a permanent distressing experience that it becomes an issue.


I get this I’m currently studying myself stupid and keep waking at ridiculous o’clock, I’m not classified as an alcoholic but I drink with intent when I’m stressed and haven’t slept. I drink near enough to put in a stupor and then sleep it off, needless to say it doesn’t really work, I haven’t done it in a while but I get cravings at times like this. Do you have any emergency meds you can take when you wake up? I know you’re on Xanax three times daily but do you have anything you can take in emergencies? I’m going to say well done on puking it up, I know that sounds weird but I bet you’re all the better for doing that.

I hope you had a good, successful nap and that you feel satisfied with the revision. I’m going to be cliche and say just do your best like your mum says think of your mental health, if it means you don’t cram majorly and get B’s then that’s still brill!

Good luck!
Go steady,
Meg (btw love the Doge reference ;))

Sorry you’re experiencing so much stress due to finals. Two of my finals were optional, and I didn’t need to take them to get an A, and one final I was exempted from for having perfect attendance and turning all of my homework in on time. I have one final today in my Cultural Realities of Spain class. This was one of my least favorite classes–my other least favorite class was Business and Professional Speech. I did have two last tests on Monday, which I had to study for both over the weekend–Intro to Ethics and Introductory Psychology. They were both multiple choice, and I got perfect scores on both of them.

Hope you feel better and do well on your exams. :smile: