The enemy of freedom

Thats me. It is i, the enemy of freedom.

I don’t think people are free to sell carcinogenic food or drink to kids. Or adults for that matter.

I don’t think people are free to do alot of things. I don’t think we are free to be greedy.

Don’t think you are free to get people hooked on poisonous addictive ■■■■, and i don’t think people are free to choose to slowly poison themselves to death with said ■■■■.

I don’t think psychopaths are free to have kids, people who don’t care about their kids aren’t free to have them.

I don’t think people are free to have however many kids they want. Id rob the entire human race of that freedom that is hideously damaging to everyone here.

Im the enemy of freedom. The kind of freedom that hurts people im against.


I don’t think you are free to harm eachother verbally. Would that rob you of your freedom of speech? If so then i would do it, id rob you of your freedom of speech. Id rob a racist of their freedom to speak it. Bye bye freedom to hurt others.

Id take away the freedom to keep people poor. it would be kind of a rule of mine as the new dictactor, no poverty, no one is free to be poor if we can help it.

Im the enemy of freedom.

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Harmful religions, id rob everyone of their right to do that to. Any religion that hurts people, id take it away. Id outlaw them actually, you aren’t free to hurt anyone, bye bye freedom of religion, can’t hurt anyone anymore. Oh no!

We’d keep the no pork rule though, probably the shellfish to. Because we’re not free to feed eachother bad ■■■■ anymore or make others drown so we can eat crab.

Im the enemy of freedom, none have the freedom to harm anyone.

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I don’t suppose you’ve ever stopped to consider that your unending torrent of negativity is harmful to the health of those around you? Also wouldn’t be surprised to find out that its why your family no longer wants you living in their home and you are faced with moving. I could not stand to have someone as negative as you under my roof. I’d be looking for a way to show you the door soon, too.

Think about it.


Could you not post in my threads anymore?

Some people are negative, sorry, and some have big reasons to be negative, sorry.

Not complying. People also need reasons to be positive.


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I agree, too much freedom is not good. I like there being a lot of people with the freedom to choose, but too much freedom is why there are too many people needing too much of the same things that this planet is not capable of sustaining much longer and too many people believing in many different things that are most important that too many others choose not to believe in the same, creates too much friction and too many problems as well. When people no longer have the freedom to choose what is to be revealed as thee absolute and indisputable truth of the matter will there be true and lasting peace on Earth. …OK folks,… place your bets folks,… all bets final,… winner takes ALL. You bet your souls on this one.

Souls, a nice thought, but i don’t think i have one

I read that it’s just an old word for a conscious being, a living soul. And a soul can be mortal.

Don’t take this as me piling on. I thought of this comment BEFORE I read pixels criticism.
But why do you obsesses about people having kids? It’s counter-productive because there is nothing you or anybody else can do that is going to be able change it. Everyone on this planet was once a kid. Some kids are happy and live in good homes and grow up to be happy adults. Not evrybody regrets being born. Like I said in a previous post, no, some people should not bring kids into this world due to their circumstances in life or their personal problems. I can see that. But to blanketly condemn EVERYONE for having kids is not a cause to waste your time on.

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Sometimes generalizing can get a bit excessive.