Do you feel like some times?

I feel iam enslaved by important ppl in government
And i have tp fight for my freedom
And i have not to take medications

Sometimes freedom is just another realm to insanity. Medication helps.


^ Damn that was deep


I’ve felt I’ve talk to politicians before. But I know it isn’t true. I’m not allowed to talk about my unusual belief. Kinda confused why this is allowed. If you work really hard people will notice.

I can’t help feeling this way as well. I’m sure the government isn’t trying to control you personally.

However I think it’s fair to say that we are all sheep. The government keeps whatever it wants from us. We work ridiculous long work weeks, we buy all the new items that we think we need because of subliminal messaging from the television.

When really if we were in a hunter gatherer communities our work weeks would be two hours a day, our happiness would be much higher, pollution and crime would be down, ect ect.

There is a system in place, and it’s so old wealthy white men (the 1%) can have most of the worlds wealth, and watch as we fight each other like animals over Black Friday sales.

When really, with little money we could literally end world hunger, and develop more clean energy ect. However there is an ugly system in place that stops humanity from advancing as much as we could.

Sorry I don’t want to confirm your delusions, but to a certain extent I think you’re right. Just like when someone worries that the FBI hacked their computer or something. It’s HIGHLY unlikely that the FBI has any interest in the person, however they could in fact hack your computer if they really wanted to (they don’t though, were all too boring)


I believe there are cameras all over my house. It doesn’t bother me very much most of the time. But when it does bother me I just keep passive aggressively breaking the 4th wall. Or I make some ramen and just stare into the camera to assert dominance.

So yeah that being said, I’m just saying man you need to take your meds. You are no ones slave. Though i think perhaps you need to adjust your meds a bit.


Well I think it’s okay to speculate about why you think the things you think about, but it’s what you do with the knowledge that I think is the important part. If you think the TV is brainwashing you? Turn off the tv and throw it out. I never had a good conversation that was 1-sided anyway. I prefer to do my learning from the internet and from text books and then testing it out to see if it works. Then I go online and share my results. Most of my experiments are done on myself though lul

So the important part of what you do with the knowledge is to create harmony. Either with yourself, your environment, or whatever powers / or lack of that there are.

The way to tame a wild horse is to give it a bigger pen, that way it doesn’t think it’s trapped.

Sheep on the other hand, follows where the others go, and as long as there are others with it, it cares not about anything else.

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