What if this ends up like

What if this turns out to be a terrorist plot.
Mind control.

Or people using mind control become terrorists BECAUSE of mind control.

How many years in prison can they suffer.?
Laugh out loud.???

Poll. On death penalty.
And worser punishment. Lol.

What are some cruel punishments.
Can y’all name any.?

Thank you.

Seeing Donald Trumps fat ugly face kinda feels like a cruel punishment.


Trump attacked Fiona (something) , his rival, about her face and how its too ugly to be the face of a president. What a dick.

His face is damn near too ugly to be the face of a person. Looks kinda like some bad chinese leftovers


He’s just trying to appeal to

a) angry white males
b) stupid and ignorant white males


I don’t know, i’m an angry white male and I think he’s a piece of ■■■■.


Well, same, but you know what I mean.

A terrorist plot? What do you mean, as in a group of persons is trying to cause people to become SZ?

Did you recently read the Manchurian Candidate?

The thing is that it can never be proven either way,THATS what REALLY makes me psychotic. …if could put my hands on someone that I for know for sur? Is causing this ? Then I would torture them for years and years.

My only thought would be eugenicists, but I don’t think anyone is smart enough to know how to cause SZ through neurotoxic substances.

I strongly feel that my mother’s smoking & use of over-the-counter substances like Advil are what screwed up the genetics responsible for my brain function. (Womb theory).

My last hope is just that there is a God and God is going to pardon all my errors for this monstrocity of a disorder.


Im not religious but im looking forward to the END.

You know why? Because these people are NOTHING but gangsters. …and hopefully God will straighten them eventually.

stay strong bro…don’t be like them.


Some drugs/foods cause hallucinations.
Maybe electromagnetic devices.?

So far my demon seems to tell me its electromagnetic machines. So I believe it.

I wouldnt know how to abstract energy.
Without magnetic fields. And positive and negative fields.

I mean, that’s how batteries work.
Why not a human brain.

Sciencetist can always study.

I tried this before.

1.) Magnet
2.) Battery

Place copper wires on magnet, then place copper wires on both sides of positive/negative. Battery.

Magnet will cause battery to over heat.

Thus. Abstraction of energy.


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So your demon says he has people in his world conducting experiments on us, or are people in this world conducting experiments? And I agree that food & substance quality could trigger SZ.

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