The end is near

Just don’t wanna live with this illness every since I got sick I’ve always felt sick. Maybe new Dr? Idk I gave up years and years ago im 30 years old but I literally felt like I’ve been in a coma for 15 years. I don’t wanna live no more. Tired of this ■■■■ hand I been dealt. I have no kids. Im really hoping I don’t wake up tomor morning

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Please get help RIGHT NOW! I don’t know where you are, but there are crisis hotlines everywhere. Here is one for the US: 1-800-273-8255

If you feel that isn’t enough, get to a hospital. If you can’t drive yourself, call someone you trust, or call an ambulance. Either way, don’t wait- get help.


@ninjastar. Please send crisis hotline info.

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What country do you live in? Are you in the US? Call 911

Im not suicidal I just don’t wanna live no more. I was suspose to see my psychiatrist on 12th but he rescheduled until 24th I haven’t been sleeping good and these pills im on are complete garbage like I miswell take nothing at all. Im on a pill for high cholesterol and a pill to stop drueling like how’s that gonna put me to sleep. I take em at 9 pm and don’t fall asleep until 2 or 3 am

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IMO, you should get yourself to the emergency room. Can you do that?

I just don’t wanna wake up alot of times how is that suicidal im not going anywhere and I ain’t very friendly to the po po

The 24th is a long time from now. What can you do meanwhile?

Suffer suffer suffer

i know this feeling you talk about. trust me, it will pass. its a fact. just remember you have a purpose like everyone else.

you will be ok. just try to rest or relax. watch some tv, go to sleep, eat some food. do anything except harmful activity

I’ve never attempted suicide before never will. I went 4 years unmedicated before worst time of my life. It’s just I got 10 days until I see my Dr. I am so angry

If you are feeling suicidal, please tell someone — a friend or family member, a teacher, a doctor or therapist or call 911 (if you’re in the U.S.) or the Emergency Medical Services phone number in your country.

You can also call a suicide prevention hotline—these are available in the U.S. and in many other countries.

International suicide hotlines:

Suicide hotlines in the U.S.:


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