The difference between being 53 years old and being 19 years old

When I was 19 years old I was working at a tobacco company.We made cigarettes and processed tobacco for sale. There were several other guys there that were around my age. On our breaks, a bunch of us would go out to the parking lot in front of the factory and we would play touch football. It was an 8 hour work day.
Cut to: I’m 53 years and I am a janitor. On my breaks I limp out to my car, eat a snack and then doze off for 15 minutes. I work 6 1/2 hour days.


Yes it all might have to do with energy and activity. Look at a 5 year old running everywhere - and a 25 year old. I think we’re wound up about when we learn to walk and spend the rest of our lives winding down.

It’s a really good thing you’re doing - working.

Well thanks…