I feel myself old

Today I went to play some sport game with eight other people who have psychological problems. We played in the same building where young people in their teens practiced some old dances for the event that is performed by each high school student who is graduating in this year as it has been done always in every year of the past. I participated in the same event 28 years ago in the same city and now when I saw these young people there, I felt old and 28 years have just passed just like that. I was lucky to visit some 35 different nations and 35 different U.S. states, but today, especially today, I felt old. These high school students may be children of those with whom I danced in 1986. And so the time passes so quickly and only my photos, memories, videos and writings remain.

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter, enjoy.” (better says it)

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I got bifocals yesterday. I feel old.

What better time to feel old than when you actually are older. By the way, the older you get, the better it gets.

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I wasnt well in my youth, not that Im ancient now. I feel that Im in a better place now mentally

i’ll b 40 at the end of this month…not only do i feel old, i look old and that bugs me big time!

Im in my 40s - 40 is the new 20 didnt you know? :wink:

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57 here- emotional age much younger,physical age probably much older.

Growing old is mandatory Growing up is optional


Yeah, getting older sucks, but it’s better than the alternative.

Getting younger? :stuck_out_tongue: 20 characters

The only way anyone can stop growing older is to be dead.

“I feel myself old.”

Well stop feeling yourself then, you old pervert you.

That’s a joke by the way, a joke, you know… a joke.

I don’t mind being old, I just don’t want to be “worn out”.
Aging is good for fine wine and spirits, I like to think of it as “well seasoned”

My pdoc told me I have the emotional maturity of a 14 year old. That means I will be immortal. :eyes:

Lucky you. you are oh so young.

INTROBC has a funny way to express him/herself. As Judge Oxendyne told me in 2000, this is the free nation and the free world, free speech.

Here is a good song for INTROBC, lets live …