The darkness

the darkness of depression it wraps it self around me,
it is fluid,
but not water,
it touches my skin, it stains it , black.
i see death standing ,
and waiting.
but i have no fear
nothing scares me.
the madness in my head is temporary,
when i die i will be free of this mortal coil.
i will be dark sith,


Good poem…

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thanks CarolineC for saying those nice things about me on the post i did a while a go , i appreciate it, it lifted my spirits, hugs to you.
take care

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You’re welcome. I really do like you. Thanks for the hugs.

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just dont commit suicide, darksith. I would miss you and your honest opinions and witty remarks! You keep a positive spirit despite living with our condition. I know how painful this illness is and I understand your feelings you express in your poem, but don’t ever think that death is the answer. It’s a permanent solution and it hurts those close to you more than anything else you could do to them.

I’ve attempted suicide. I know myself have caved into the pressure in my head. But life improved and I found hope, and later on my dream of being treated successfully and relieved of my suffering became a reality. Never lose hope for treatments.

Have you tried Clozapine? I imagine you have, but if not, ask your doc about it. It is one of the last resort antipsychotics because it has a potentially deadly side effect, but it is often a miracle pill for those whom it doesnt kill. They make you take blood tests to prevent the side effect from killing you if you do get it (a lowered white blood cell count).

I love the poem but I don’t like to hear suicide idealization, I tested very highly for it and what do you know, I did try to die.

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Hang in there darksith. All of us are going through crap too. I doubt any of us other people have it easy, we are struggling in our lives too, so you are not the alone in the universe… It might not help to hear that, but then again it may. You read our posts, we have survived, so can you. Life goes in cycles, up and down. Just survive until it gets better, because it usually does. Are you on an anti-depressant? It might help. You have good qualities, that make you as good as anyone else. I like your sense of humor for one thing, and you have never struck me as an unintelligent individual. So you are as worthy as anyone else and you deserve to live. Good luck.


Wow, very breathtaking description and imagery.

I have thought of you as a very brave person, and I have a feeling your not running to the final exit as much as facing it down and just letting death know that he gets to keep waiting.

If you don’t mind, can this poem go up on the door of my spaceship? :blush: :rocket:

I like your new avatar by the way.

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thank you all for the concern , i know that we all suffer and some days are worse than others.
take care