I wrote a poem

It’s ■■■■ and depressing but it made me feel a little better so I thought I’d share, anyone else find this helps?
If I was to die

A question I often ask myself is simple
If I died
Like not hypothetically or some future far of principal
Just literally if i died right now
Then what
How many people would attend my funeral?
How would the school react?
Would my dad take time of work?
The practical things
And then i start to think about me
Would drugs or a blade be quicker?
Do I leave a note or right a message to someone in particular
Where would the voices go
And it all gets a bit jumbled up
So I don’t
And I sit
And i think
For hours on end just sit and think
What if it doesn’t work
What about my brother
Is sian strong enough for this
Who do I want to find me
Swirling and swirling day and night a growing fog building up
I cut
And as the blood runs along my arm a little spot clears in my mind
As if the warmth of the blood is lifting the fog away
And the more I bleed
The more it stings
The wider it goes
The more I see
The lighter the fog
The longer it’s gone
But one little patch still stays
Always there
Swirling and swirling growing and growing
If I was to die?

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niece one @Lovelybones
keep it up…

Death is not an answer
Because there really isn’t any question
to wether life is worth living

In the midst of chaos
Our mind finds peace
Those moments we cherish
For leaving with ease

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niece interpretation @Minnii

Dying is only one thing: bad. Keep fighting.


Never close the book abruptly on the poetry of life.

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Thanks guys nice to hear your thoughts xx

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Moving poem. I appreciate you sharing . I relate