The fog begins - poem

The fog begins, it covers my soul
It dampens my spirit, it makes me feel old
I am drowning in sorrow
The pain drives deep
I cannot laugh, I cannot sleep
The world around me loses all light
I am losing my will, I am losing the fight
Breathing in clouds, darker than coal
It dampens my spirit, it makes me feel old


that was beautiful.
take care

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Thanks @darksith :smiley:

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Beautiful indeed. :wink:

Thank you @catukas very much

Really a good poem. Wish your mood becomes lighter than this. Cheer up, brother.

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Hey @green6 thanks for liking my poetry - I am not in a dark mood lately, I am actually on the brighter side of things - It is just my way of expressing what depression can feel like when i was down

Iā€™m glad to hear this. Hope your bright mood lasts forever. Depression is dreadful as I had it two years ago when I was on Invega.

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