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Shadows flicker across the dark
Heart so broken, crying in pain.
My soul I search, to find me again
Seeking my purpose, myself, my blame

Morning arises against my heart
Voiceless actions numb dumb or insane.
Trying to will myself to death so many times
Yet still I wake to the morning sun.

So much pain I see in this world
I’m sure I’m to blame and done my part
Tired of this game of life. I don’t want a part
But still I’m drawn back to this perfetic charade

I fail to see what I have to gain from living anther day
I just freeze high on the cliff edge.
Afraid to live afraid to die.
Afraid of me and what I have become.


**That is sad @Dreamscape…but you ARE waking
up to the sun everyday!:slight_smile: **


:rainbow: a rainbow cheers everyone up.
and of course a :tea: coffee and :cake:
and maybe a bug hug :bug:
hope you are feeling better today.
take care :alien:


and venting sometimes does

ive done a lot of venting tonight

now I feel better



I guess I was venting and feel a little better today. Although slept till to 11.30am. Guess I needed the sleep.


latley i am needing more sleep than normal…so i am have a ’ nanna nap ’ during the day.
it seems to help.( ’ nanna naps ’ are not just for the ’ over eighties ’ !?!! )
glad you are feeling better.
take care :alien: