A poem (it's not all doom and gloom I swear)

The python closes in
Smooth scales upon your sweaty skin
Crushing crushing with all that it has
Gasping for breath you reach for the last
Bit of hope that’s in front of you
Wishing to stop the pain that is crushing you

Your friends tug at its coils to loosen its grasp
Your beginning to wheeze, your voice is a rasp
You struggle and flail but the snake just gets tighter
And you’re wishing and wanting for those days that were brighter

The world goes black as you begin to fade
The grass is dead and the sky is slate
Your heart slows down to a faint fluttering
Blood in your veins not flowing but sputtering

Depression is a difficult beast to conquer
Hope is the sword that will slay the monster
So rather than succumb to the suffocation
Strive for the life you deserve, a life of elation

Never give up and never give in
To do so would be a terrible sin
To your loved ones to whom you are desperately dear
You can win in the end if you let go of the fear

Of things never improving
Of a life full of losing
Or without desire
With the dread of things to transpire

Turn your back on those thoughts
Focus on the freedom you sought
The love that you’ve felt
And the love that you’ve dealt

Let your loved ones’ embrace
Be stronger than the snake’s
Let the warmth of the light
Lead you through the night

Life is worth living
Your love is worth giving
The future is a wonderland
The past is quicksand



Hope is the sword that will slay the monster

Great line!

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Wonderful @Anna! Nice progression!


yeah, nice, were you thinking of Harry Potter here, down in that dark underground?

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Really good @Anna

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I love the metaphor of depression being a python that crushes the life out of you. I felt it.

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