The confession of a internet troll

I am actually a internet troll. I have 283 different characters, Facebook, Instagram, tinder, college confidential forums, schizophrenia forums, psych forums, and twitter. I have 13 regular user accounts on this forum. I do all of this to live as different people, I have different identities for each of them, and am none of them.

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Have you ever talked to me on here?

And why are you telling us this?

I know this is probably the wrong response for this, but … epic man. epic!

I’ve done this once with a few gmail, facebook, 9gag, and other accounts. But after a time, all of the characters I was posing merged together into what I am now.

I have 13 regular users and 3 basic users I am making real people at the moment.

why? whats wrong with just being yourself?

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Why would you do this, which ones are you ??? And i have the same questions as sasha, have tou ever talked to me on here?

Man this is wrong on so many levels. Most of us have trust in eachither on this forum. You have just destroyed it. Thats just mean


i know what you mean, i’ve been thinking the same thing dude, thats why i reported this post to the moderator,

■■■■ this triggered me now im on the forum looking for proof of who is real and whos fake.

most people on this forum is genuine i am sure.

I cant believe it but i think suprisedj and the kidsis are fake. Sorry if i am wrong but if i am not could you post some more pictures of yourself . The ones you posted in this thread:A picture of you.....for fun..put a pic to your name..:)

Look like pictures from google.

what i am thinking right now is that you and bear could be his aliases but thats probably just paranoia

I can take pictures of myself and post a few to prove im not just takeing them from the internet but ill do that in the morning since ita 1 am here in poland

I can understand what ur feeling now im paranoid about tou too and about everyone else.

Chrisjack just ■■■■■■ up the only thing that was totally stable in my life for now. Thanks :frowning:

This is being looked into.

Please try not to let this effect you.

They found out the truth about me.

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you dont need to worry about me, i have been posting under daydreamer for more than 5 years now on here and the old forum and i have posted my pic many times so i dont need to prove anything, and neither do you just try and not let it effect you bc i am trying to not let it effect me, in hindsight maybe i shouldn’t have said accused anyone :frowning: sorry

Yeah it doesnt matter, the moderators will take care of all of this hopefully :slight_smile:

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I can give you my word that I am real.

You JUST wanted to mess with tgese people?!
And you have schizophrenia and you understand how it works
Why for any godforsaken reason would you do this?! Some of the poeple that come here have no one else to talk to about their problems with this disease and you just shatter their trust to this forum with no thinking into it?! Why for what kind of sick twisted reason would you do this.

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