POLL. Am I a troll?

I’m having serious doubts myself. I also think that I might be a victim of self-trolling. OK, let’s get down with it.

  • Yes, you’re troll faking his SZ
  • No, just a very disturbed individual
  • You are both a troll and a madman
  • I don’t believe in trolls

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You seem fine to me! At least from the interactions we’ve shared on here.

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I appreciate the kindness.

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Aren’t you just torturing yourself flirting with ideas and concepts that could be seen as delusional which can be interpreted as being ill by many? All the while ruminating on what others think of you as a means of self justification in a place where practically everyone here is on the psychosis spectrum.

Are you just toying with us or yourself? Do you even know?

I genuinely don’t know.

Then ask yourself if you are having fun asking these questions?

How do you feel if someone validates your ideas?

How do you feel when someone goes against your ideas?

What do you hope to gain from these questions?

Decide how you honestly feel from asking yourself these questions.

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I don’t think you’re a troll, or disturbed.

your a average schizophrenia person , shocked by so many like your self, thats a part of being new here. i know. ZEN

Well, it really depends on the question. When discussing ideas and thought experiments I’m having fun of the strictly ‘intellectual’ sort, and it doesn’t matter who comes up with the better or wittier idea, it’s the process and the prospect of arriving at some of truth, however tentative, that motivates me. I much prefer someone disagreeing with me for good cause that someone agreeing for the wrong reasons.

That said, I also enjoy using a host of rhetorical techniques -including those typically associated with trollish behaviour- for purely hedonic purposes, but even then I tend to analyse the data thus collected. It’s fun!

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Nah, your no troll. You are very ill tho.

I read between the lines in your posts, and you do break boundarys now and again - for what i personally wouldnt find socially acceptable, but i see it that your just on a different learning curve to me.

Your good matey :slight_smile:

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So I might just be a fun loving person without a serious MI?

I’m not shocked, part of me would like to be schizophrenic, which is maybe why I exaggerate my symptoms. SZ is the art of overthrowing the minimal self, a way to end the simulation.

You’re a bit of troll, in a good way.
Even Socrates was a troll.
But you’re an original madman also. :crazy_face:

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Cheers mate. :partying_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I never saw you as a troll. More like a Care Bear stuck in a mud pit. Idk. You are not a troll though.

Be nice to yourself.



No. You just seem to be very interested in the topic of existence.

You probably have autism like I do.

Sometimes I will never relent on something like this, but I have gotten better over the last few years.

My brain doesn’t grip onto much of anything anymore.

I am too pre-occupied running my landscaping business and appreciating music and artists to waste time pondering the same questions for such a long period of time

Used to do this, and probably do at lower levels.

I don’t think your posts are disturbing, and if you were a troll, you’d be moderated

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I think it’s a perfect example of how a highly intelligent person with psychosis can be.

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I don’t think you are a troll @NotSeksoEmpirico but I do feel that you are suffering with a mental illness.

You are also creating unnecessary problems for yourself because you are too smart for your own good.


I don’t even know what a troll is. Nor do I know what it is that they do that is so offensive. Somebody help me.

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Yes socrates was a troll feigning ignorance

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