Who are all these people

What’s up with this website. Why are there so many people on here. I don’t remember all these people. Why was the site changed. Why couldn’t you just leave it alone. I liked the old website better. Why do I have a red shaped box 12 Triangles (four incomplete) surrounding four circles? What are you trying to say to me? What are these strange shapes about. I’m not going to put my picture up there. I got to go do some home work. I’d like an explanation as to why I couldn’t pick my own shape? And why did you choose that for me? Is it because I’m a woman red a wild woman. Don’t pressure me.


What are those activity #s about? Why did I get a 4m what are you trying to say?

Now the activity shows 5m <1m What are you doing?

I think the Avatar they picked for me is pretty odd! I guess everyone is allowed to pick their own Avatar or get one that is randomly chosen.

I suppose by “Activity 4m” they mean “Last activity ws four minutes ago.” I’m learning this website as well.



Hey Jayster,

How are you feeling? How is your back doing?

I’m off narcotics!!!



Thanks for talking to me.

There are no annoying posts here to buy viagra and stuff. This site works perfectly with a smartphone. The old site was a bit harder to follow with a phone. I don’t have a computer.

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I was getting a little sad to see the old forum get so over run with spam. I like the fact that more and more people are coming.

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There are a lot of people who just read, but why are they so afraid to post?

I actually prefer this site to the old one. Much less trolls, I see.

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Wait those are not circles their diamond squares.

Wait…we got troll house cookies burning again.

I like this new sight better because you can know when someone has responded to you. And the hearts, flags, and pen are new. It’s also in color more.
I didn’t like the avatar they gave me that much either, but we are free to change it as I did.

this site is the bomb. There’s no spam and the regular posters are positive and supportive. Everyone here wants to get better and stay that way. The right vibes are here!

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