The Coincidence Problem (reply)

It’s correct. But you should know your limits when you seek answers. I think Pan takes it to another level which can become detrimental :slight_smile:

I just read. A good one:

I fully recovered from schizophrenia in 1977 after 4 years of treatment. I couldn’t continue to live while on the agonizing anti-psychotic drugs and so I quit the support program and weened myself off the drugs gradually in order to avoid a withdrawal relapse. Since then I have lived a very full life and I am now retired from my career in business. I married, traveled the world exstensively and enjoyed a part-time career as a musician and spent time in the 1980’s advocating for psychiatric self-help reform. I attribute my recovery to my acquired ability to finally comprehend the nature and cause of my illness. First off, I stopped smoking pot. That’s a must. Then I discovered the theories of Carl Jung regarding “synchronicity”. Many schizophrenics have told me that in addition to “voices” they also (and often more importantly) experienced periods of constant profound synchronicities which were just to bizarre to dismiss as mere coincidence. This certainly happened to me at age 19 (and still sometimes does) and the experience then caused me to set off on what then became a delusional metaphysical quest (as depicted in the movie "A Beautiful Mind). However, the initial experience was real and the problem only ocurred when I was inspired by the initial experiences to delve into a “quest” to find more metaphysical omens. You can’t make it happen! You go crazy trying. Jung theorized that synchronicity (numerous meaningful coincidences) is a real phenomenon experienced by some people and he felt that it was linked to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, but to Einstein’s elements of time, space and matter he added “spirit”. They are all inter-connected. Freud vehemently opposed Jung’s theory as does modern psychiatry but by dismissing the phenomena solely as symptoms of “delusion” sufferers tend to embrace the “quest” all the more and therefore suffer the resultant delusional relapses. Once I learned that such an esteemed psychiatrist as Jung gave credence to the idea of “synchronicity” I stopped worrying about what the run-of-the-mill psychiatrists thought and dumped them all. Jung, having justified my point, enabled me to relax and stop trying to “see” more metaphysical events. I won’t elaborate here but very strange episodes do still occur in my life but I now just take it in stride.
During my “heightened” states I also heard very pronounced voices which through self-will I learned to filter and reject anything potentially destructive. Admittedly, it was while on medications that I realized that I would have to over-rule the “voices” once drug free. I’m certainly not totally against anti-psychotic drugs for short term use. Over active dopamine activity does acompany “voices” and the delusions which result from the “metaphysical quest”.
I’ve had a great life. Schizophrenia can definitely be handled without having to spend a shortened lifetime on drugs. Now I’m looking forward to my retirement years.

I recently responded to an email from a man concerned about his son and thought my response might be of interest to others as well, being that it is an extension of my original post:
Dear Mr.-----
Thank-you for writing. It sounds like your son is fairly high functioning, which of course, is an advantage in that hopefully he can come to an understanding of his own mental aberrations. Apparently, medications of today do not necessarily have as many terrible side effects as the ones from decades ago and therfore the need to get off of them quickly is perhaps not as urgent. I would advise a gradual reduction of the dosage along with proper nutrition and sleep and a complete abstention from any and all recreational drug use except for perhaps some light social drinking. Any final step to completely eliminate the medication should be monitored closely. I would also advise that religion be viewed in pragmatic, non-devotional terms. In other words, the practical, philosophical benefits of religion can be embraced, but the other-worldly “miraculous” elements should be down-played and attributed to the primitive times in which religions were first founded. (That does not diminish their worth) That being said, it is my experience that schizophrenic phenomena such as “voices” and “synchronicity” are very real and it is a mistake for psychiatrists to merely negate, trivialize and suppress these manifestations without proper specific counselling. It’s very insulting to the patient and only makes them want to delve deeper in defiance. These phenomena have a basis in a science which we do not yet understand - as Jung implied. Through these types of manifestations I actually foretold the Iranian revolution of the late 70’s as well as the contoversial death of the first pope named John Paul and made public these notions in musical performances. However, it was important to my health to attribute these occurences to science rather than religion and to just take it in stride. I do believe in a higher power but it helps me to see God as a force which understands mankind’s imperfect attempts to explain “Him” through our religions. The key to being able to eliminate all medication is this ability to understand and rationalize the schizophrenic manifestations, both without fear and without awe and exuberance. Also, the manifestations should decline in number and gravity with the aging process. I hope my views and experiences prove helpful to you and your son. I wish you all the best and if you have any other questions or comments don’t hesitate to write.
F. J. Seraf
Frederick Serafim | SoundClick

@alias I have been experiencing an incredible amount of synchronicity 111,222,333,444,555,666,777,888 and 999 and also 108. I go in and out of giving these sightings significance, but on some days its ridiculous. I don’t know if it is a self fulfilling prophecy or confirmation bias, but the occurrences often align with the general ideas I have read about synchronicity and controversial (to me) “angel numbers.” I’m trying to remain skeptical, but so many people are experiencing this phenomenon. The two counter arguments I have witnessed recently is an 888 licence plate that is permanently parked along my running route, and seeing 111 and 666 in quick succession, which has proved to be an exception to seeing one instance of a triple number. I understand that I am consciously and subconsciously looking out for these numbers, but if you could share your experiences with me somehow I would really appreciate it.

There’s only ten digits. You are going to see them everyday. Like you say maybe you guys are just more sensitive or more aware of what everybody else takes in stride and ignores or don’t notice. If you go looking for weird patterns of numbers you will find them. Everywhere. But for most people it doesn’t register in their awareness. I pass a hundred cars a day without noticing their license plate numbers. I look at my watch 50 times a day. If I looked hard enough I would probably notice patterns and weird combinations. But I don’t.


Don’t mean to sound blunt but it happens to everybody it’s not something special or new…

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Your playing the connect the dots game

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K I looked at my clock. It said 11:06 .

Hmmm. 1 + 06 = 7 1+ 0 = 1+6 = 7 7+7 =14 14+7 = 21 21+1+1= 23 take the 2 from 23 add 1+1 = 4 put it back with 3 . BOOM 43


Yes this an exaggeration of how you can connect numbers and give meaning to them.

Ideas of reference is what it basically is

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Too right dudes! I thought about it more after I posted, making connections is seductive, but there’s more exciting things to think about. Talking to people is always the way to put irrational thoughts into perspective. Cheers


hi james.

not minding that they manifest, is what make it dissappear.
I made a thread about it here:
thread about triple/double digits
enter link description here

i still get them, but not as often. mostly double digits.
like 14:14 and a like. anyway not minding them is the trick.

I want to thank PositivePsychia for adding my British Psychological Association forum post onto this site as well a while back. I just happened to come across it. Everyone experiences random meaningless coincidence but not everyone experiences the meaningful coincidence of what Carl Jung termed “Synchronicity”. Jung’s book “Synchronicity - An Acausal Connecting Principle” is available from Amazon and it’s a worthwhile read. In the late 70’s as I was making my drug free recovery from schizophrenia I experienced a multitude of synchronicities some of which were very bizarre. As I mentioned in the BPA post, through a series of synchronicities and “voices” I was able to publicly predict the Iranian revolution and it’s ramifications for the west, as well as the controversial death of the first pope named John Paul. Also, being a musician, I was working on a demo with synchronicity as a central theme just prior to Sting and Police releasing their Synchronicity album. Songwriters who find themselves in this situation often try to sue, but for me it was pretty obvious what caused it. Recently I added more commentary regarding these types of psychic and psychiatric experiences to my music websites.
All the best, Frederick Serafim

First of all, chill the f… out. Just because strange coïncidences are happening around you doesn’t mean you have schizophrénia. It all boils down to what kind of importance and/ or value you attach to thèse coïncidences. Like let’s say you are in love with someone and that person’s name keeps popping up everywhere… if you r on the safe side, you have a good laugh, but if you start thinking things like “oh I keep seeing their name because i am sure they are going to be my partner/ wife” you might be having a problem. Or let’s say, you are working on opening up your own business and you bump into an ad in the paper that say “now is the perfect time to become an entrepreneur” guess what? big deal, doesn’t mean anything. But if, again you start applying that general ad to yourself and internalize it, yes that could be saying something is up with you. Same goes for the repeating numbers, yes, they might stand out to you but again, it doesn’t mean anything. Come back to planet earth and don’t think that you are so spécial that the universe is specifically delivering you a personal message all the time. Accept your ordinariness and all thèse spécial coïncidences will start slowly fading away. I know because it happened to me a lot while I was writing a book. I finished my book and out of the sudden, the so called weird coïncidences disappeared only because i am not focusing my mind on it anymore. People often forget that the human mind happens to have a subconscious too. They are people who use a lot their creativity and intuition and that can trigger weird coïncidences. Seeing or expériencing coïncidences happens to people a lot and it doesn’t mean someone has mental illness. I have a friend who is schizophrenic. She never experienced strange coïncidences but she was downright paranoid about her mother and boyfriend conspiring against her. So, chill, relax. Healing thoughts to ALL of those brave courageous people out there who are living with this condition. G bless you All. You are all modern heroes. :slight_smile:

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I really enjoyed reading this and I understand exactly what you are talking about. Big change is upon us all and it is going to be beautiful.!!

for background info I have not been diagnosed because I do not want the world thinking that these changes are views from the insane and I want to be able to do my lightwork without appearing to have an illness. also i refuse to use antipsychotics because I love my mind the way it is.

its a good get out of jail free card, blame it on a coincidence and everything will be ok,

i am glad i have got that word,

‘coincidences’ happen all the time and when something happens that we cant explain instead of making it into something really big and blowing things out of all proportions we can say its a coincidence, and i think that is great.

I feel ya.

i often see numbers in life that remind me of birthdays or other meaningful schiz

Who Are You Guys Talking About (???)

I love this forum. I don’t feel so alone and totally out there! It’s great.


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I like Roulette the best for testing numerical probability lumpiness. I have had slightly better success with Roulette by following lumpy patterns. Sometimes when playing the game, you will see the numbers come up for example black odd, 5 or 10 times in a row. Once I got tired of fighting the patterns, I decided to go with the flow. So if I am betting red even, and the number comes up black odd, I will then switch my bet to black odd and follow the money so to speak. Of course when I lose my next bet has to increase by slightly more than double to take into account the 0 and 00 that are green ( and they are not considered odd or even) Because it is difficult to go from betting 1 dollar, and then if you lose, increasing your bet to 2 dollars and say 6 cents, I then bet 2 dollars and 1 quarter, on a table where the minimum but is one quarter. The problem with my system is that it only works on tables with no maximum bet. So if I get on a losing streak, and I have to switch to a higher limit table, then I lose the lumpiness of probability I was tracing on the first table, so now if I am on a table with a 100 maximum bet, I might have to jump up to a table with a 300 dollar maximum bet rather than going to a table with a 200 dollar maximum bet.

As a side note, there should be historical documents describing events with numbers that are just like the posts on this board, that would indicate that these numerical patterns have been taking place for thousands of years.

I am pretty certain that when someone has a psychotic episode or a manic episode, It becomes like the uncertainty principle, and by focusing on a certain pattern, then it feels like we are amplifying the pattern so that it becomes more likely to repeat itself until we quit focusing on that pattern. Eventually we switch to obsessing to a new more spread out normal wide set of objects in a set, and the patterns that we observe have more objects in the set and so smooths out some of the lumpiness in probability.

As far as Einstein goes, the flaw in all of his math is that it did not take into account how dangerous his follies into high energy physics would be to the human race’s survival.