I don't understand

I’ll spare details because I don’t want this to be a long wall of text but needless to say I think people are after me. I am pretty convinced of this, despite what my doctor and father say to the contrary.

I had that problem too before, It turned out, Synchronicities happen to me enough that it ■■■■■■ up my view of reality. It became a sort of gaslighting. I became, like you, paranoid.


I was regularly writing into my diary. And after each time, I go to my class and the student beside me would say the exact part of what I just wrote. It persisted the whole semester. It somehow had me thinking that someone was hacking into my diary, the students and a television channel were part of it. Eventually I learned about Synchronicity. It’s a force that have us all humans connected. It has access to everything in your head, and has everyone in its control somehow. Awareness of it, how it works, and learning how to cope with it, cured the paranoid thoughts.

Please read into this link for more of the force: The Coincidence Problem (reply)