Do you ignore coincidences?

After 5 episodes, I see things in a different manner.

At present no sz symptoms, and once again off meds.

I can perceive quantum synchronicity if I choose to. Or I can phase it all out to background noise.

I’m lucky to not have any permanent symptoms. I really do feel for you guys.

Also each person that reads this equals one bad Senior Consultant/Psychologist/Psychiatrist having bad things happen to them.

Sorry but bigotry, tyranny and ignorance needs to be punished. The Universe will find a way…


Yeah, I ignore it. I try to not be supersticious.


I ignore coincidences now.

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I’m starting to. I often see the same numbers over and again. Like I see the number 23 a lot. It worries me. I don’t know what it means.

It means nothing @Loke

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Most of them I dwell on for a few minutes and then move on.

Yes, I ignore coincidences now. I may notice them for a second but disregard them soon after. For example someone posted the last 4 digits of my parents phone number in a post recently(as a matter of fact, I believe it was you @EternalUniverse , talk about coincidences). Now I could’ve taken that as some sort of sign or indication that that member was spying on me but I didn’t, I realize that it was just a coincidence.


I’ve been seeing cnn on license plates again lately. Also had my tire blowout right after psych appointment.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::sunglasses:

I can’t begin to imagine the peace it must bring you to be able to ignore those coincidences… I still can’t and am on various AP’s, oh well. I’m happy for you! Wish you well on your journey.

Yea man coincidences galore. I don’t mind them.

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