The candle light ritual: grilled chicken

Again I had my candle light ritual. The week passed so fast. I could not think anything else but how much the prices are rising. I met today two people and we discussed how electricity is getting more expensive. Then one of them mentioned that it is not as bad as it is in Ukraine currently. Why should be as bad, why can not we enjoy when things are well. Then another said that we may be going to the stone age. But the truth is that even the price of grilled chicken is increasing. When I lived in my auto in Miami and elsewhere in America for 783 days I bought grilled chicken occasionally. And then when I moved back to the EU I bought one grilled chicken every day in Brussels. I have also bought grilled chicken here were I am today. Today I just witnessed that the price of one grilled chicken has risen by 17 % since I bought it last time. All prices are rising rapidly and when I discussed with a cashier she told that the price of one regular food basket has increased from 98 euros to over 111 euros, so over 12 % change and they are still going up. I hope we do not need to start eating our fingers, a joke. What else? I am going to watch the movie ‘Anne Frank’s last days’ in this evening.


You have to look for savings. The coffee I used to buy in the store went up from 5.99€ to 7.09€ for 500 g. So now I order online from a Danish company which only charges 7.99€ for 1 kg. That’s almost double for the same price.

Keep looking!


It is quite a good movie …


Yes terrible the prices are going up, i think it has to do with the recent pandemic, but i don’t break my head over it as i live already on bread and water. It seems everything cost money these days. Maybe the banks did a mistake, its their duty of care to keep the financial market stable.


I saw that movie a few years ago. Touching story.

I went to ride my bicycle. I saw some people. One person mentioned that the number of payment default entries is increasing rapidly because people can not pay their bills due to high inflation. Many people seems to be worried about the future and how they manage when the prices are just going up. People have be surprised how high some prices have been.

Here is one YouTube video that is addressing some European Union matters such as higher living costs. It is a little long video but good. I did not know that inflation in the Baltic states is nearly 25 %, the future is very uncertain.

I went to ride my bicycle in this morning. I listened to a few people. One person mentioned that his electricity bill has gone up by 500 %. Even our vicar talked about higher energy bills and higher prices. We must wait for winter to arrive to see how much prices go up. Does not look bright.

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There may be recession or even depression in the future. I talked with one cashier and she agreed that people are able to buy less in the real terms in the future which leads to lower revenues and profits which leads to the economical downturn. I like to discuss with cashiers because they know prices.

People are going to the streets in the EU to protest high energy (gas) and electricity prices. Here where I am businesses are wanting to have some kind of a subsidy package due to high electricity bills.

Some news from Austria, does not look good. A good video.

Just a small reminder if you could post these in English that would be helpful. Thanks. :slight_smile:


This is mostly in English, Italians are also going to the streets due to higher prices and high cost of living.

There is currently a large protest in Paris, France where people are protesting high cost of living. I have been in Paris a couple of times. These protests are spreading to many European nations. People are not willing to pay high prices. There is a YouTube stream of the actual protest but I am not posting it here now.

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There have been demonstrations in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. People do not want to pay high prices. Earlier in the beginning of this fall inflation was a little over 8 %, now in October it was 10.7 %, how high can it go. It was record inflation.

An excellent YouTube video … economic slowdown, high inflation, recession somewhere etc.

Inflation varies in the EU, in Baltic states such as Estonia and Latvia there is higher inflation than in some Nordic states. In Germany energy inflation is nearly 40 % and food inflation is nearly 20 %. No wonder why people are going to the streets to protest the current and future high prices. I remember when I started writing here about the higher inflation in March 2022 and things are just getting more expensive which eventually may lead to the economic downturn.