The candle light ritual, inflation

Today I had my candle light ritual as I always have on the Friday evenings. One special topic came to my mind, inflation. We just need to go to a local grocery store to see how much prices have risen. In the past I have bought one special kind of cheese and its price was 2.25€, but now it is over 3€. The same thing with coffee prices. There was a sale and I was able to get coffee for 4€, but my usual coffee is 6€ when in the past it has been around 4€. The price of wheat has risen by 80%, partly due to the war in Ukraine. I talked with a male cashier and he has a wife in Phillippines and the price of electricity has risen from 300 to 3000 (local currency), 10 times higher prices which makes poor farmers to struggle to pay their electricity bills. This inflation is the worldwide phenomena. What is your experience with current inflation?


I thought this was a good YouTube video.

I haven’t noticed inflation at the Co-op where I buy all of my meals but it’s still expensive and I can barely afford it.

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