Royal meals

Royal meals

I like liver casserole. The price of it was two Finnish marks in the 1980s and now as I purchased it at a store it was 2.5 euros, 15 Finnish marks. So during the EU this ‘royal meal’ has become over seven times more expensive.

What is happening currently in Ukraine is that ordinary people are suffering. Their ‘royal meal’ prices have risen as a result of the U.S. lead violent power takeover. But do not worry, even during the siege of Leningrad during the second WW they survived with few hundred kcals a day. Eventually some people started practicing cannibalism and started eating other people. As the great Chinese general Sun Tzu said ‘where the war is the prices, such as food, are high’. In 1997 I met some old Jewish women in the synagogue in Atlanta and they had taken food to dying Soviets over the lake of Ladoga when Hitler tried to starve people to death.

People should get at least 2000 or more kcals a day.

Royal meals are expensive nowdays.

Here is my royal meal: milk, bread and liver casserole, the price is 2.5 euros (3.25 dollars)

Another ‘royal’ meal of mine: meat balls, carrots, smashed potatoes, milk, bread with some roe paste. The price is 3.3 euros, 4.3 dollars.