Do you have squirrels were you live?


We have black, red and brown squirrels around my house.

We have lots of squirrels, they love to feed on the bird seed that drops to the ground.
My dog loves to chase them - He never catches them :smile:

Yes I am a squirrel and my whole squirrel family lives in the pipe I have this tiny computer in. My squirrel wife is saying my internet use is tearing apart our little squirrel nest.

One place I lived had them, grey ones.

We’ve got lots of squirrels here. Raccoons, occasional fox, deer, opossums, not too many reptiles but the classic rattlesnake makes its home here.

They’re always running across the roads. Acrobatic little things. Sometimes you’ll find them chasing each other.

In Colorado there are some parks where you’re allowed to feed the chipmunks. They’ll come right up to you.

we have squirrels in our attic…haha…my cousin always kids me about it. you’ll hear them fighting to keep their attic from other squirrels once in a while but other than that they stay quiet. I had a whole box of old pecans I dumped in the back yard last year and you should have seen them take them all and bury them in the back yard. it was a sight.

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We have a lot of squirrels here. They look in the windows well they eat till they are discovered. Then they bail.

Nope, but we have wolfs.
And bears.: :wolf: :bear:

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There are a lot of squirrels where I live. When I was young we had one in our back yard that used to eat all the pecans off our pecan tree. There are a lot of deer where I live now, back in the Cookson Hills of Oklahoma. The people around here eat a lot of deer chili.

these ground squirrels that we have here are nothing but rats with fur they’re not as pretty they’re just as wild as the flying squirrelI often wondered why it is we don’t use them and research for schizophrenia after all you got to be nuts to do that job

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The native squirrels where I live are red squirrels. However Canadian Grey ones have pretty much forced them out.

In Maryland it’s grey squirrels. But closer to DC there are some black. And where I once worked there was an albino.

Yes, greys, and some are grey tan/brown…they can get quite large…the cats chase them and have come close but haven’t had one of my cats catch one in a few years… a few times squirrels have been undecided on the roads as to where they will go and decide to run under the car… I just say ‘cat food’ and if it gets hit will stop and pick it up, bringing it home for the cats.

I have one squirrel here in my backyard. I feed him stale bread.

I just moved to a new part of the country and I’ve never seen so many squirrels or rabbits in my life.

They have so many rabbits here I’ve counted 15 or so on my bike rides early in the morning.