Bird feeder and squirrels

It’s a very Covid-19 thing to now have a bit feeder, I’ll admit.

But it’s sort of funny, that we can’t control the squirrels.

It’s funny bc I can’t picture how they climb the post, I never witness it.

I guess I’ll make this a Covid thread, and ask if anyone found themselves getting a fire pit or bird feeder recently?


there is a feeder called a squirrel buster that rodents cant get food out of



Apparently there’s no acorns this year so I have mixed feelings, but it’s meant for aesthetics and it just plain doesn’t exactly look that right!!!

I’ll google your tip soon!!

Squirrels are great ! One place I lived had a bird feeder and squirrels used to flock around it !

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I know, believe me. I wrote a blog once about a decade ago about the trees and the no acorn situation.,

We also get deer now and wild turkeys. The deer funny enough are probably smarter but theyre are also more scared… they run from the turkeys, in other words

It’s my smoking area - so I’ve thought too much about ALL OF THIS ahaha

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I put out bird food and the squirrels and chipmunks take it all. Oh well. They got to eat too!


I’m similar in thinking. I also think about the deer and wonder if they’re thin? Thinking is rough. Guess if I really cared I could google what they consume; but town authorities probably would tell me that’s not the answer.

It must be global warming; but I was happy to see Monarch butterflies again this summer.

This thread is a downer though; my bad!

Squirrels are brutal when they fight.

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That’s my attitude as well !

You may be correct on that, I recall my grandmother was attacked once or that’s the story I remember. She was feeding pigeons.

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We have a bird feeder and we use a squirrel baffle on the pole.
It’s a cone that’s placed on the pole and it prevents squirrels from climbing the pole to get to the bird feeder.


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Ultimately we’ll probably do something like that… the squirrels either eat all the bird seed or they spill it on the ground.

Funny sidebar is I smoke in the backyard and there are lots of crows overhead and crow nests - we are noticing them more; And I joke they know something about ‘my imminent demise.

Crows are smart birds… anyway that’s my best crack at humor : )

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We got a firepit during covid. My mother also ordered some new bird feeders. Couldn’t have one in my old apartment because they attract squirrels.

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I saw a Blue Jay and a squirrel get in a fight. I was sitting in my car and they were fighting right in front of me, I saw the whole thing. It was pretty much a tie. The Blue Jay started it, they are very aggressive birds. The squirrel held his own though.

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