The biggest cause of death is cardiovascular disease in schizophrenics

High blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol etc metabolic syndrome

More than a quarter die from this

Meds seem to be dependent inducing, nobody can come off them

I know when i tried ii got real aggressive angry irritable sigh

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I have Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, obesity and metabolic syndrome.
I’ve been on psych meds for decades.

How old are you approx? Ie in your 50’s?
Are you still on meds

I’m 57 years old I’ll be 58 in a few weeks.

Yes I’m still on meds, Risperdal and Depakote

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It is near impossible to lose any weight
Im diabetic on metformin
I went for a walk today for 15 min it was exhausting
My weight has stayed pretty much the same for years unless i starve completely it wont budge
Cant starve completely

Are you on a low dose?
Im on a medium dose of clopixol but all the meds make it hard virtually with a couple of exception maybe i heard on this site

Yes I’m on Metformin and another weight loss diabetes drug, Ozempic.
I initially lost a lot of weight on Ozempic but recently gained a few more pounds.

With these psych meds it’s very difficult to lose and maintain your weight.

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Do you think once your on meds your on them for life?

For most of us yes unfortunately

Thats why healthcare make us take bloodwork and EKG every year.




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tanks for d info @anon85745701


Your ok pedro


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Cardiovascular diseases are also #1 killer in non mentally ill ppl.


Yes but schizophrenics die on average 25 yrs prematurely

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Oh an i just read

Cardio disease causes 38% premature deaths in normies

Death before 70 is premature

Im bit confused basically high

Anyways i gotta stop thinking bout it

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Yes thats true for the schizophrenics who are overweight, smokers and who lack physical activity. Meds make it worse. I am one except that I vape instead of smoking. Cardiovascular diseases generally affect schizophrenics more than normies for those reasons.

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If im not here next week you know why lol jk

Do you have your bloods taken throughout the year?
I have to see my blood nurse 4 times a year to check for any cardiovascular issues, and again twice a year for full blood count.

Surely if I get checked. So can you!
It’s disgusting that your bloods arnt done in a regular basis x

My bloods are done