"The best things in life are free"

Food is only free to a wild beast.


But you can have them for the birds and bees. Gimme money.

I guess that makes me a wild beast when ever I go to the Costco. Can anyone say free lunch? :slight_smile: I love the Costco… :heart:

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Wieners and a drink cost $1.50 at our Costco, I told them not to wrap my wiener with the foil side inside, because it makes the bun all soggy.
They never listen.

Ours has some many free samples. Sooooo many. It is a wonderland!

We usually hit Sam’s Club and Costco the same day, done right, lunch and dinner free samples (who could even think about food after all those samples?

It pays off, because most of those free samples become our staples.

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Can have what for the birds and the bees?

The originators of the counter culture would be aghast if they saw this. What a change in the youth these days.

It’s a line from a song that the Beatles did a cover of when they first started out. The song was called “Money”. Actually when they first started out they called themselves, “The Silver Beatles”. But anyway, the lyric means that the singer doesn’t care about stuff that is free for everybody in life like sunshine, nature, etc. He is forsaking the free things in life in favor of money.

My Dad and I usually get the chicken bake. So good. So gravy.

Sometimes i feel like violently robbing people and places of their belongings. I want money. Also the thought of growing and selling mushrooms passes my mind a lot to make even more money and it would be fun

I feel the same about other drugs. But I have a bad reputation and would likely be ratted out. I had a plan to grow medical marijuana and I know a guy who would get me started. I just don’t have that level of business skills.

Water rates have skyrocketed in poorer areas in the state in which I live. Activists were calling for help from the utilities companies for low income families. A well known, well to do radio host balked at the notion of his tax dollars going to help those not as educated saying “who do these people think they are, water is not a basic human right!!” …Does he know that humans, including the poor, are composed of 80% water?