Some things you shouldn't buy cheap, Like Aldi's coffee. it's not much cheaper than the good stuff anyway

but we shouldn’t be buying the name brand kind,
corporate greed. and other reasons why
people started boycotting. don’t hear that much anymore.
it’s hard not to though, get the name brands.
there’s not too many name brands of coffee though,
versus about 15 different laundry detergents.

also shouldn’t buy cheap toilet paper, cheap razors,
if you guys want to add to the list, go ahead.


I’m totally fine with cheap toilet paper.

But totally agree on food.

I try to get organic when I can.

about how long does organic fruits and veggies last?

other foods, crackers, cereal, microwave popcorn,
you’re paying for the packaging.

Yea that’s true, organic produce doesn’t last as long. But it is worth it for my health…

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Plus organic produce tastes way nicer, have you noticed

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In my local grocery store there are at least 20 different coffee brands, I try to buy the cheapest brand, today it is Costa Rica. Coffee prices are going up, already more than 50 %. I try to buy the cheapest items. I also compare prices between different stores.

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I think I’ve bought some.
we try to grow some ourselves in summer,
it gets so upsetting if the squirrels
eat off the early flowers or buds.

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I shop at the dollar store, couple blocks away.
the frozen entrees are still a dollar,
soup still is too, and if you buy off brand
it can be even less, but it’s a smaller can.
raisins are cheap.
just thinking, they’re lots of toys
you should buy cheap,
but some of those my son used to love.
you also shouldn’t buy cheap shoes.

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Yea my brother does the same…

It must be delicious

But yes there’s the animals.

I wouldn’t bother myself for that reason if I had my own garden

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Yeah Aldis brand coffee really doesn’t taste too great. I just bought a tub of Maxwell House last night.

And you can find quality cheap shoes. I bought some black slip ons at Walmart that are ridiculously comfortable.

yeah. some are at WalMart
I got black waitress shoes there
they fit great (hard to find, cuz I got narrow feet)
so comfy.

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You should always get quality jeans.

Even if you just have the one pair.

Soild made, cared for jeans can last forever.


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