Got free coffee today

I walked into the gas station I didn’t see any coffee but a tiny bit I say “Is there any coffee for sale” and he says “Yeah there’s 1 cup left go grab it its all yours” so I pour the cup, get the milk, pour some sugar. I ask him “how much do I owe you” he says that it was free out of courtesy cuz he didn’t have a top.

Its the little things in life??

Its not that I cant afford a cup of coffee.

But the guy was just so pleasant about it.

There are very very good people in the world.


I got a free cake one time because they gave me the wrong kind of cake.

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haha that’s lucky in a way, my brother on his birthday they got his order wrong and usually he would say “no its okay its okay!!!” but it was his birthday so he asked them to cook him the correct meal. So he got two meals. Lucky him!!!

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Haha that is so cool.

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One time I got an extra chicken mcnugget


Haha that’s a real winner right there! lol

It was a good day

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I got a free ice cream cone at McDonald’s because my food was late.

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