The Beatles make me sad


Some of their tracks bring back memories and are hard to listen to. I have no problem with Slipknot, however. LOL


I like this



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It’s supposedly about an affair John had while married to Cynthia.


If you go to 3:55 you can distinctly hear John Lennon say, “I buried Paul”. A supposed reference to the whole “Paul is dead” story. John himself admits he said it but his explanation for it is that he meant he played his instrument too loud over Paul’s and “buried” Paul’s bass.


If you go to 40 seconds there’s ANOTHER reference to the “Paul is dead” story. The lyrics say," Well here’s another clue for you all. The walrus is Paul".’’
On the Magical Mystery Tour album cover the four Beatles are dressed up as animals but they are unrecognizable. Supposedly Paul is in the Walrus costume. And supposedly a walrus is a Nordic(or some Scandinavian) symbol of death.


When John wrote this he was literally asking for help.He felt stifled in the Beatles and over-whelmed by all the “instant” fame and popularity of the Beatles and couldn’t handle the pressure. He was overweight and stressed and thus wrote this song.


An early Harrison hit. George was finally coming into his own as a songwriter-composer after years of frustration of being overshadowed by the greatest songwriting team ever of Lennon-McCartney.