Any Beatles fans?

Been listening to the Beatles for a month straight! Love them.

Is a big thing for me cos up till recently I was unable to derive pleasure from music. Not sure why - maybe poor concentration. But most of the Beatles songs are only three minutes long.

I listen to music all afternoon whilst browsing the net. Only watch TV in the late evening.


I’ll throw a beatles song in every once in a while. Used to listen to them a lot. “I am the walrus” ah ■■■■ trying to think of the other one that is similar to that… man it’s all pretty good. Some of it I don’t like as much.


“I am the walrus” is the best Beatles song ever… That and “A hard days night” two songs which clearly shows the genius of those “dudes”


I reenacted the Sgt pepper’s movie many times though it wasn’t true beatles love that album.


True that I am the walrus is their best song.

I love Jong Lennon heavy songs, not so much McCartney but love hey Jude.

Also really think George Harrison doesn’t receive enough praise. His first solo album is brilliant. Hell I even think ringo was a good drummer!

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I love the Beatles - George was my favorite :grin:

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I love the beatles. John lennon was a god. Rubber soul is my favorite beatles album

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I like post drugs beatles only.

It’s like they went into a tunnel and came out better musicians.

Been thinking about john’s line “nothing is real”. Perhaps.

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They’ve been my favorite group since seventh grade and I’m 54 now. I can honestly say that I like every song on every album they put out, both their American releases and their UK releases.

“I buried Paul”.
“He blew his mind out in a car”.

The Beatles - I Will (Pregnancy Song)

How about when holding hands was illegal down Abbey Road?

The Beatles - I Want to Hold Your Hand

The Beatles - All My Lovin’