The battle of the bedbugs

We’re having problems with bedbugs here. I bought some good spray, and the guy who was spraying for everyone else asked me if I wanted him to spray my room. I said no, because I thought all my bedbugs were gone. The bedbugs came back, and I had to order more spray. It looks like the new spray is working, but my room was full of bedbugs for a short while. I keep some clothes in the freezer, and I take a shower every time before I go to my brother’s house. Bedbugs are a huge pain.


I hope you win the battle. :parrot::parrot::parrot:


Oh mate. Late reply i know - but they are a bloody nightmare. Some bi-polar bloke i used to lend money too - brought them into my flat on his clothes.

3 months it took to get rid of them - I ended up buying 5 litres of the chemicals from a supplier cos it was still cheaper than paying the council.

I did everywhere every 3 days, until finally i wasnt bit anymore.

You have my sympathys - they really messed with my head.


I used to sleep at the Emmanuel Baptist Mission on skid row in downtown Los Angeles in 2014 because I was homeless and they had bedbugs. It really sucked. They bit my feet and legs every night. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Sounds absolutely horrifying!! In all the places i’ve lived, i’ve never come across bed bugs. I wish you all the best in your endeavour to kill all the bed bugs.


We live in houses and don’t move around like nomads anymore. Some are lacking hygiene and attract all kinds of bugs living unclean in there houses for decades. I already plan (prepare) for day x throwing everything ( my belongings, clothes, books) out and start new. Like knits, lice, you cut all of your hair and wait your hair to grow back.

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