The battered battering the battered

yelling batters, beatings batter, drugs batter, doctoring batters, officers batter, wars batter, cigarettes and booze batter, eating too much batters, even dreams can batter. Do we just trade one battering for another?
Humans are gluttens for punishment. And if nothing else, the weather batters.

I was watching Kung Fu the DVD

the master in the temple told young grasshopper

“If an ax blade never came up against a hard stone, it’s edge would never sharpen”

I know it’s a movie quote, but I like it.

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I never wanted to be an ax.

I forgot the one that might bother szs the most - gossip batters.

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Personally I like shrimp batter. :fried_shrimp:
I am SO Sorry for that…

I made two pots of coffee since I’m off work today.

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:
It’s silly time… :laughing: :watch:

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gossip batterers BE GONE, makes us pancakes instead do something useful!LOL

pancakes are also useful

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if u catch gossipers at it pull a moonie! its what they were invented for.

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but I LOVE my ass. And I expect it to be loved by others.

show it to them give them something to talk about and shout ■■■■ u all while ur at itLol

oh, you would mention the f word. Don’t know the definition because it’s so horrible no one will explain it.

id rather have a cup of tea.

I’ll go along with that. We can learn to solve problems with a cup of tea in hand - even if I get so tense I spill it.

if your not shaking your not drinking enough tea.

since when will tea make me shake?

BATTER UP!!.. Hey, batter… Hey batter, batter… Hey, batter, batter…SWING!!! My friend talked me into joining Little league when I was 12. I was out in left field chanting,“Hey Batter”!! I robbed a guy of a home run once when my friends were watching. They were impressed. It was just going over the left field fence and I jumped up and snagged it. I think we lost 21 - 2 anyway.

Want some fries with that shake? Wink.

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which brings up “Which is it? The cup or the tea?”

Hands down, The ginseng.

Who forgot the beer batter?