I miss being able to get laid

This sucks, not only am I dumbed down but I have no feelings psychically or mentally. What I need is a great big orgasm, I’d love to feel really horny. Even better one on one with somebody, god I miss the past.

Fu** this i might just quit my meds.

Hang in there. Surviving is the name of the game for some of us.

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Ya like me. I came to the realization that survival is all I must do and it’s normal to feel pain rather than trying to fight it like I always do :crying_cat_face:

If you have a mouth you can always get laid :sunglasses:

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Butteredtoast agrees.

I ran into someone that gave me my christmas present🎁 early. She was a little chunky but kept telling herself how bad she looks. I kept assuring her she was fine as hell. Little later she treated me like a king and it unexpectedly turned out to be an epic one night stand. Thanks mrs. Clause🎄

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From my experience, it’s trial and error as is anything in life. Timing, experience, trial and error, pick up wise, relationship wise, and inevitably, performance wise

Butteredtoast has given his two cents, take it or leave it hatchlings.

I don’t miss getting laid one iota. I just gave myself up to the Lord in a vow of permanent celibacy, the other night, and I couldn’t be happier. I put it off for many years because it was a very slow go, at first, but, now I am very, very happy. The Lord and I are a great couple.


So you’re telling me that you dont butter your toast anymore is basically what you’re saying.


Oh my God, is that the meaning of butteredtoast?! Omg Kenny…Lol :joy:

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I live in India. Here getting laid n stuff like that doesn’t happens. But i still made it i met a girl in a train n got laid after 3 hours. I miss those days. Why schizo :cry:

Yes, in that instance, but it can mean whatever you want it to mean basically.

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“it is better to have laid and lost, then to have never laid at all.” be glad that you had the experience and try to stay optimistic bout bumping uglies again.

Look at the bright side of not being able to get laid, you have plenty of time to work on hobbies and other stuff! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I havnt buttered my toast in a while. Literally just havnt eaten any toast in a while.

Hmm no matter how I say this it still sounds dirty. :slight_smile: