The bank found my missing $50

I’m glad as I was afraid I was going to have to dispute the charge on my credit card. I just checked online, and the $50 is in my account now.

This is the account I attempted to open online last Friday, and it went poof and disappeared. I went in to a branch Monday and they gave me an account number and debit card but couldn’t find the $50.


Sweet man happy to hear it

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Is there a fraud list with banks like there is a no fly list for terrorists? I just wonder if I’m on one.

Why would you be?

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The Fall of 2021 I found out someone stole $10,000 of unemployment pandemic funds using my name, date of birth, and Social Security number. I had to file a police complaint, and go through hell with the IRS filing identity theft affidavits.

Money problems stink. I was recently frauded for 5000 dollars. I was -$5000 in my checking account. Talk about scary. Now im waiting for my social security to come. I changed my bank account and the direct deposit was delayed a month. So im hoping they send a check

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Sorry to hear about that @Edparry

Thanks @Nomad 15