Still trying to find a bank I'm happy with

My online only bank is convinced I’m engaging in fraud. They insisted I send them a notarized form verifying the ID I presented to the Notary Public. I ended up going to the UPS Store’s Notary Public. Now they told me they sent the notarized form to there Notary Fraud unit for investigation for verification. I’m done with them.

I just opened an online checking account with a bank based here in Arkansas last night. There’s a branch here on a bus route maybe twenty minutes away. Hopefully they will work out. Their website isn’t too confusing to me. It’s a Fifty Plus checking account with free paper checks and no service charge if you Direct Deposit your check. You immediately speak to a person and aren’t waiting on hold for a half hour.

I do best with paper checks with duplicates. I’m really bad about forgetting to write ACH transactions down, and overdrawing my account. I think I’m just going to do bills now the old school way. My therapist wants me to agree to my psych clinic being my trustee again, but I don’t want to do that because I can’t stand my current case manager.

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Invest with my bank…yea just send all money here I’ll take care of it. :smile:

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What fraud do they think you are doing? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Have they told you what exactly they think is fraudulent?


They don’t say. They just question everything I do. I applied for a credit card with them, and they asked me if I filed taxes. I said No, but then they wanted me to e-sign a form to allow the IRS to release my tax information. I did, but if I remember correctly the IRS has set fraud flags on my SSN because of someone using my name, dob, and ssn to steal pandemic unemployment funds a year or two ago. I filed a police report about last fall when my landlord told me about it when renewing my lease. They do financial and background checks each year.

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I hope you get it figured out. :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:


Thanks @GrayBear @ZmaGal @ThePoet


Do you think it has to do with your friend? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

No I didn’t meet him on Facebook until February of this year. I have no idea who got my Social Security number. My friend knows my name and birthday though. His birthday is in June 1975.

He just told me last night he’s coming back a month early, in August instead of September. So I’m going to see if he disappears or he calls me from the US. I reminded him of my phone number last night. He already has my email address.

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