The Art of Cheese Flirting

This situation is simple, but it’s beyond me. I’ve been having a hard time with simple situation for a while. I always seem to be on the wrong side of this situation.

We shop at night when the store is almost empty. There is a cheese guy there who I have been getting mad at for flirting with my kid sister.

He tells little jokes and feeds her cheese and calls her “Ireland” because of her red hair. He’s an adult and should NOT be flirting with my under age kid sis. My kid sis laughs at his jokes and smiles sweetly and buys his cheese. I DO NOT like this adult flirting with my kid sis. I complained to my other brother…

My other brother went last week saw this and said, “He flirts with her and feeds her cheese and she buys the cheese. He’s not flirting to date and underage girl, he’s flirting to make a sale.”

That was making me mad too. I was trying to tell my sis not to be fooled into this cheap selling ploy. I was trying to get her to see through this guy and not buy all this cheese due to his cheesy flirting.

I had it wrong again. Last night came and the cheesy cheese man was there, flirting,… and my sis bought a lot of cheese.

I was so disappointed that she fell for the cheesy cheese lines. She flirted back and he fed her more cheese and he flirted more and she flirted more and then she picked up all this cheese and we moved on.

I was ready to loose it. How could she? She’s a smart cookie who should not be taken in by a cheesy line a cheesy smile or a cheesy joke. She showed me that the cheese man remarked all the cheese down to half price or less. Blue cheese, brie cheese, aged Parmesan, and Irish Cheddar, and more.

He flirts with her to buy the cheese; she flirts back and gets it all at least half price.

I never would have guessed so much went into cheese flirting. Now I’m wondering what other subtle things like this am I missing? This is when I really do feel like there is a secret language I’m missing.

That’s so cheesy. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

As your sister grows up you’re likely to find situations like these popping up more and more. Now flirting with a child is wrong, no doubt, but being friendly with a cheese-monger isn’t so bad if it is limited to interractions buying cheese.

That is what my other brother said. The cheese guy hasn’t asked for anything personal, he hasn’t asked for a date. I was a little concerned when he gave her a website link, but it turned out to be all cheese recipes and cheese parings.

So I guess it’s just the little extra of doing business. I wonder who’s winning in this…

The guy selling the cheese, or my sis for getting it half price… :confused:

I had no idea flirting was part of shopping.

Hey, for 50% off I’d do a lot of flirting. Of course I don’t think I’d have as much success. lol

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Isn’t your sister almost an adult? It’s not like he is trying to flirt with her handcuffed to your belt loop. Even smart girls like to be flirted with, it’s fun and boosts self esteem.
You’re going to have to loosen the reins eventually, otherwise it will hit you too late that you are sabotaging your sisters chance for happiness.
Your her brother, not her keeper. Let her experience life as it is, and as she did for you, be there for her when she needs you and asks for help. Don’t micro-manage her life, because after all do you really want to be responsible for her life if you are in full control and she ends up not happy?
Let her live her life, even if you don’t approve of everything she does, otherwise, she will never learn to make the best choice for herself.


She’ll be 18 in almost 4 months. (July) She has been getting impatient with me when I chaperone her dates. She said after this last time, I’m not allowed to go and keep her safe on dates anymore.

I’m just keeping her safe because I know what jerks guys can be. But my other brother said that if she doesn’t learn that for herself, she’ll be in trouble. I just think she’ll be in trouble anyway. It’s one thing to trust strangers on the street, but guys… who date… I don’t trust them.

I’m working on this… Man it’s hard.

Actually, it does work.
Sometimes they throw in “free promotional” stuff that isn’t advertised (?) or “2 for 1” extras, even 75% off the total purchase.

maybe your sis is part mouse :mouse: squeek lol

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My brothers made sure I never had a boyfriend until I was 21.
I only had 2dates to formal dances before I dated my brothers friend from college. We were engaged after 2 months, married in 4 months. (No babies)
Even though the marriage lasted 25 years, I still wonder how different life would have turned out if I had been allowed to date.

Your sister deserves to experience life as it is, and as much as you like, you can’t be there to protect her forever. At some point you will have to loosen the reins and let her make her own choices if you want her to be happy.
Living in someone else’s shadow is not very fulfilling, nor is it any way to learn to be independent, which is really the foundation of happiness.
It’s hard to step back and let her fall, but let her do it for her own sake, just be there to help her back up if she needs you.


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never under estimate the power of women .
we ( men ) are just their play things.
the cheese guy is under her spell, smart girl , great result, cheap cheese.
take care


She’s full of emotions and is adventurous about guys and want to know them and you are full of wisdom about them, in my opinion don’t criticize her but try to be more intimate to her to allow her tell you her stories about her dates and men she encounters and when she tells her stories for you you leave your comments in a subtle way and by this you can protect her too, although not a satisfying way for a brother but I found it the only way to give my sisters insight about boys, it’s very important to not make her paranoid about boys while protect her from bad guys, and one other thing, sisters love to talk about such things specially with their brother( if open-minded) cause by doing so they feel safe, and at the end “damn on cheese man”.


He might just be a flirter. The old man at the Chinese food place flirts with my friend K and everyone else, pretty much. Just as long as it doesn’t freak her out it might actually be good. Kinda, flirting without intent. That way when she does see someone she likes she will understand that he is flirting with her and know what to say.
If she doesn’t, that CAN cause a problem, believe me. I don’t understand flirting, having never been exposed to it, so I find myself flirting with people without meaning to. I think I’m being nice, I actually think that stupid joke was funny (I laugh easily), I really am interested in other people and their activities (almost to the point of being nosy if not to that point), and so on. I have ended up either having guys ask my number and being completely floored because I didn’t see that was going on, or it get to feeling weird because I just realized that I have been flirting with this guy without meaning to and I am engaged and I don’t know how to get out of that situation gracefully.
One guy even avoids me now. We were talking while waiting for class to start and C called me. I started feeling like I was doing something wrong when I was talking to C, especially when I told C I loved him. It was only then that I realized that that guy had been flirting with me and I had been “leading him on”. I was so embarrassed!
But wrapping it up, I have heard some of the most satisfying relationships start out when the people start as friends. So if you want your sis to be able to have guys as friends (winnowing out bad friends is easier for some people than winnowing out bad emotional partners), she might miss out on a winner.
But if she doesn’t understand what flirting looks/sounds like in a true, subtle way (not what the cheese guy is doing. That sounds like what the Chinese food guy is doing. Loud and just to make everyone smile and laugh) she might get in trouble too!

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