The 7 minute workout

The pdoc recommended this. He should have done his homework.

Who should do the workout?

The authors don't recommend this program to people who are overweight, previously injured or elderly. Some of the exercises are not recommended for persons with hypertension or heart disease.

The workout can be dangerous for people whose bodies are not prepared, said Elsbeth Vaino, an Ottawa-based strength and conditioning specialist. "It is a good, quick option for an individual who is already really fit, and has other physical activities planned," she said.

He knows i’m significantly overweight and far from really fit.

i do a lot of cardio every day lidting a fork up and down up and down to my mouth 3 times a day keeps me fit! LOL
seriousley i think just do the best you can with it tcx

Forget that, just start with a yoga DVD from the library and do the poses that are comfortable. The tried and true methods like 30 jumping jacks at first and adding more as you get used to them work well.

I use the Fit Trail at my school. I also walk with some running and jogging mixed in. You can make your own fit routine work for you.

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Starting with yoga is a great idea. They don’t force you to stretch any further then you are capable of.