Anyone keep fit?

just wondering if anyone does anything to keep fit?

i think i am a bit unfit and need some exercise so i am thinking about going back to the gym,

i like the boxing and i like to dance so if i can do that it would be awesome

i was doing a keep fit class last year which was good but i had to stop because i moved house and that pain was coming on, i loved it tho, it was a martial art called Aikido and i got to train with a bokken (wooden sword) and a pole, i was getting taught how to disarm and restrain someone it was great and a good confidence builder as well.

i have two problems tho :frowning: my chest pain and something else.

exercise is great for a healthy heart and i want to stay on this earth as long as possible, the doctor told me that people with our problem who take these meds are more prone to develop heart problems so i dont want that to happen to me, i want to live until i am older.

Actually I’m having problems the other way around, problems of low energy, because I think I’m thin, but I’m not, I get so cold when I get hungry…Anyway I got fatter the last two weeks about 4 pounds, but my finger tips are cold like a vampire’s hand. I think no matter what size or weight people are; they would still have a problem in something…That’s life.

I run 4.5km,do 350 push up and 60 pull up a day,for six days a week,I am really proud of it and I consider myself fit


One thing I have learned is thin doesn’t mean healthy. My kid sis is thin and she’s NOT healthy. She’s working hard on being healthy. But not quiet there yet.

I know a guy in my Sz group who weighs a lot, but only 4% body fat and perfect cardiovascular, good blood pressure and on and on.

I get the feeling your in the U.K. and they have community centers. You might want to see if they have an over all membership where you can try their gym, but you can also try their dance classes or try their fencing or jogging classes.

I take it for granted that here in my town our community centers have a “Check it out” month in May. So for $20.00 you buy a 20 punch card and you can try 20 new things or 10 new things twice. Everything from the gym to the water ex class to the dance class to the Tai Chi. I’d say see what your community has to offer.

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yeah i have been looking for dance classes and things,

me and sweep actually went to the leisure centre today and were just messing about in the swimming pool
it was great tho, i did 4 lengths, just got back.

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4 lengths… Good job. :swimmer: :star:

I hope you go back soon and just have fun. You don’t have to work out hard, but just have some fun and that will motivate you to go back again. It’s amazing how many muscles you can use just playing around in the water. I mean it…

I always say I have no idea how it happened, but I am so thankful that my Sz didn’t kill my love of swimming. The one small gift that somehow was left alone.

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I think I mention powerlifting too much…you guys already know that I do that.

But I started my fitness obsession with running and calisthenics, and I was very healthy. I was into biking trails before that but really got toned, slim and muscular when I was 16 and doing pull ups, push ups, leg raises and planks and stuff after a 45 min run. That’s basically military fitness, long runs and calisthenics.

Swimming is easier on your knees and easier for beginners. Calisthenics are difficult if you are overweight. Biking is pretty easy and lots of fun in nice weather.

Just dont put on a lifting belt, super-tight knee wraps and try to squat over twice your weight, LOL


I have an exercise bike(a Christmas present) but my problem is remembering to use it. I can look at it without it connecting ‘get on it’.

you could have raynaud’s syndrome ( i think that is how it is spelt ! ) it means when you are cold the blood goes to your vital organs and not to your fingers and toes etc…hence they turn white…you can take herbs to help with circulation.
take care

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