The 15% that kill themselves, are the rest faking?

15% kill themselves. How can you voluntarily take pills for this illness i have to have an injection and i would refuse that if i did not live with parents. I think we have a lot of people just pretending to have this illness for benefit claims in my opinion. THERE MUST BE a percentage of people with bad intentions even if it dosen’t involve benefit claims who some how benefit from this illness. Just my 2 cents…

I really hate to say this, but I am being brutally honest - doctors and pharmaceutical companies benefit directly from our illness and other diseases.
We put their kids to college, help buy them fancy cars and big expensive houses.
Other peoples sickness is their bread and butter - they gain from our illness.
Medicine is a gigantic business - from the hospitals to the crooked insurance companies to the pharmaceutical industry to the doctors and therapists and misc. health workers.
Instead on emphasizing on preventative measures or researching cures - medicines are invented to keep us limping a long so that we remain unwell but not cured. Cure means that the money flow profits stop coming in


Sometimes the Doctors truly believe in what they are doing. They are good and care but they believe that medications are what is needed and that mental illness is a chronic illness that can’t be cured, but you can have a high level of recovery. Are there bad people? Yes. But they are not all bad, and some really believe in what they are doing :blush:


Sometimes it is the system that is sick and the doctors and such are caught in the system as much as we are.


I do agree with you Rayne, but overall Western medicine is geared towards band aid treatments that help manage the illness but does not promote cures or prevention.
I must admit, I am still bitter about the way a lot of my psych meds were prescribed to me - a lot of uneccessary high doses which caused secondary health issues for me.
There are good doctors out there - just seems like they are in the minority, but they can be found.
Also there are ‘safer’ meds out there - we the patients have to educate ourselves better and be our own advocate


That’s a messed up way at looking at it. Because we happen to be sick and they’re not, they get a ton of money and we lose a lot. Kind of messed up if you ask me.

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Look I am not saying that doctors or pharmaceutical companies are all evil - its just the way the medical system is set up in the Western world. A lot of emphasis on treatments that dont cure or eliminate the problem completely but tend to control the illness instead, and there are lot of side effects that these medications and treatments cause, so the patient goes from seeing more doctors and specialists trying to find relief from secondary health problems caused by the initial treatment - its like a never ending journey.
We need safer more effective medications that get to the root of the problem - band aid approaches get us no where.
there is a lot of waste and unnecessary spending in the health industry. We need smart more efficient approaches in the health industry - my current psychiatrist is right - she said that sometimes these medications can do more harm than good.
Finding a good balance is also important

Dude, I should be ■■■■■■■ dead about thirty times over. You too!

Think about how we are so resilient to cheat death-now reflect on your life and what’s going on.

I’ve had my right cheek ripped clean off by a pittbull when I was five. I had to have two plastic surgeries.

I have one testicle.

I’ve been to Afghanistan

I tried to kill myself and it didn’t work, even though the doctors said I needed a liver transplant I didn’t.

Look at what you’re talking about, living at home and ■■■■ and answer me this dude…

who’s faking who?


I don’t think we just happen to be sick. I have been on the fence, but I’m turning 26 in a few weeks and you can learn a lot over time. You have a higher chance of getting Cancer diagnosed if you get a test for it.

People are not just sick of being sick but of being kept sick.

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Go on a vacation or something, go to Europe and forget the BS>

I work for my money. Without meds I would be a paranoid mess. And I can’t work if I believe every one is out to kill me.

Meds are the differance between catastrophy for my family (husband and kids) and somewhat functioning enough to get food on the table.


I have too. I think that there is a higher power looking out for me, and we combined forces. Sometimes I will ask God what I should do–and if it’s important he will answer. I’ve been tested in lots of ways.

Shamanic Medicine is a bit unusual, but I am starting to understand how it could work. Some scientists believe in theories about waves and holograms, but what I look for is substance to back these theories.

In certain episodes of psychosis, I perceived the world as a flat 2 dimensional hologram capable of being influenced by patterns and belief.

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Speaking for yourself about yourself I see?

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They benefit from ANY illness… I highly suspect there are cures for so called ‘incurable’ diseases but how much money could they make if a one time treatment cured, say, AIDS?

Monthly HIV treatment regimens range from $2,000 to $5,000 — much of it for drugs. With the life expectancy for HIV patients increasing, the lifetime cost of treatment in today’s terms is estimated at more than half-million dollars.
Cost Of Treatment Still A Challenge For HIV Patients In U.S. : Shots - Health News : NPR

And of course with more obscure pseudo ‘illnesses’ in the mental health realm, these too are lifelong with no cure, and note that most doctors and probably all pharma companies frown upon any alternative treatments that wouldn’t rake in the big bucks…


Just amazing research my fellow, amazing.

If i don’t snip the dopamine, or whatever the pills are snipping, they will be in my brain.

And that in so many words means a painful torturous death.

Twice i’ve been in psychosis and ill never go back, total hell. Twice i ended up across country being tormented by them, it was torture, ghosts and spirits and ancient greek myths and shadow people were jumping out at me, my mind was taken over in such awful ways.

It’s not that i take the meds willingly, it’s just the lesser of two evils thats all.


I mean do you think this is a dog show for entertainment, when people cry over being haunted for past mistakes and being as the church would say: (ungodly)

Dick Tracy in his comics had a little game. A criminal once said he was deaf and therefor didn’t know a crime happened let alone be a part of it.

Until Dick Tracy yelled in his ear and shook him into a spasm.

(synthetic telepathy has existed since the 70s, maybe we should “test these fakers”)


We’ll never part ways even if I’m bitter.

You’re diagnosed like me does it make you a quitter?

You need to keep going and prove your best.

Thought word and deed and then you’ll be laid to rest, nooka.

If you think there’s fakers that you’re trying to hound out on a (real website),

You about to have a combat veteran involved in the fight.

I’ll never stop helping you for what you really need,

But calling out people don’t give you Pegasus as a steed.

Let the fakes get busted, but leave that up to doctors and God.

And if it’s so unreal, bust it, and just play on.

This is true - but compared to other medical specialties, Psychiatry is not a very well-paying or that enjoyable a profession.

In fact: Psychiatry is one of the lowest paying medical specialties.

The number of people going into Psychiatry is less and less each year because of this. You can make a lot more money helping women keep their skin nice and young looking - and you only have to work 9am to 5pm, and don’t have to deal with insurance companies because they get paid directly from their patients - so its a lot less work.

So - if someone is only interested in money and a good quality of life - then you go into dermatology or something like that (cosmetic skin specialist) in medical school. You really have to want to like to help people and be willing to put up with patients who have problems at all hours of the day and night - to be in Psychiatry (and you still earn less money).

So - if you’re thinking your doctor is just in it for the money - you’re probably wrong:




Hi @SzAdmin I wasn’t really talking about psychiatrists specifically, I know that as a group they don’t make as much money as other physicians.
I was talking about doctors and pharmaceutical companies as a whole - in general.
Taking care of illnesses, especially chronic illnesses is a big business - there is a lot of money to be made.
I do understand the importance and need for dedicated doctors - without medicine and treatments we would have a difficult time surviving.