Watch out. Doctors can be salesmen of sickness

Don’t let 'em scare yah.

True. Doctors get paid through and by our illnesses. If we get well, they earn no money. I don’t care what they say. It is in their self interest that we need their prescriptions and medical technology.

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I pay my pdoc to keep me well.
She works extra hard when I’m not.

And I started a running joke years ago that I only take meds to humor you.

I also said I need meds to put up with living with my husband and she didn’t contradict me.

I don’t buy this. My doctor doesn’t advertise. No one forced me to go to him for treatment. He’s certainly not selling me sickness or scaring me.

He treats me and I pay him, there’s no cure so he can’t cure me but that’s not his fault. I think he’d be just as happy if there were a ‘cure’ so he could go on to help other patients. There’s no shortage of mentally ill patients.

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My doctor pretty much doesn’t want me to take anything ever lol. He just says in his south African accent “I think you will be ok” Then he just laughs. It’s a wonderful experience then I leave and I’m like hmmm I guess I’ll be just fine haha

You should not have to pay your psychiatrist anything to stay well. This is not like buying a car or dress. This is a basic need- to be well, healthy, and free of symptoms.

I am finding out more and more things about my pdoc - She seems to be very conservative in her approach - going by the book always, never experimenting too much.
With my complex form of bipolar disorder, sometimes taking risks by the doctor becomes necessary

Wasn’t it traditional Chinese medicine that you paid the doctor only when you where well? So you paid the doctor to keep you healthy. If you where unwell they didn’t get paid.

Some doctors are like this but I think it’s more the industry as a whole issue and not really individuals.
But it does make you wonder if they found a cure for some things that are a specialized field and doctors and pharma companies make billions on treating the disease…if the disease becomes curable, or even eradicated, those industries no longer make money and would have to go into another field…
I do believe some cures for certain things are discovered then kept hidden from mainstream society…

I’d be more mature about it but maturity isn’t good for their business. Dang, they got me again.