The 10,000 Step Club (post your steps)


I work 10 hour days on a farm, or else I would never come even close to getting what I do! My last job I barely could get 8,000 in a day. Good luck in your health journey!


This is the last Week’s averages
I’m more happy with higher numbers lately
Really recently (5 weeks) got into 12000’s up from average 8000
A lot is buses walking to bus stop etc
Thread is important
Like it


I want to walk today, but it’s vile out. High winds, rain. :frowning:

I really need to find a new motor for my treadmill.


How about a gym membership? One reason why I have a treadmill at home is so that I can do my cardio without worrying about the outside elements.


bed time soon



Oh, I’m so happy for this! I’ll start my steps tomorrow. Good idea. Thanks!


3,440 + 564 + 2,478 = 6,482 steps in 48 minutes & 20 seconds.



I only walked 3000 steps damn. Todays a new day.


Did 7,755 steps or 6.29 kilometers burning 659 calories all in 1-hour.



Here’s mine for today:

Don’t have anything to report for yesterday – took a break.



today I’m over goal but not end of day

was averaging 8000 till march



Up from averaging 8000




I took a day off from running yesterday and did less than 30-minutes today. Too lazy to calculate steps but I recorded what I did today.





Keep bumping this thread! I have something to give but not sure how I can get my results online! Old persons syndrome!


I like to use Strava app for mountain bike tracking.

Last week I rode 19.5km and 929 meter elevation gain one ride.

And another 13.5km and 620meter elevation gain


I don’t know how many steps I walked, but I just walked back and forth in my room for forty-five minutes. I’m trying to burn off triglycerides. My doctor has been telling me that my triglycerides are bad.



5,561 + 7,564 = 13,125 steps

This is the most steps I’ve done in one day!


Today. Was too busy to walk much.