That Keto Thing Again but 7 Years of work!

Like I’ve seen the great of this whole keto thing and I think there’s something there for our community but it’s interesting those who’ve tried it and failed to return to the norm.

I think there’s some important things I should mention for those who are looking at it or it’s failed for them…

Like it was 2016 I bought my first fitness tracker and started with a simple goal of 10 k steps a day. I have worked continually since then at my fitness for some good gains for sure but never shifted any weight…just gained like we all mostly do.

Anyways. I only got onto keto last April or so and got some really crazy gains. I’m still going down so weighed in this morning at under 85 kgs. I’m down from 108 kgs so 24 kgs or 52.8 lbs. It’s a lot of weight and I’ve seen it working and after 6 years I was adding weight still. Exercise better but keto made it easy to lose weight…but it was still good exercise in between.

So. I think the simple difference to most is my aggressive exercise. You might not get the same gains but you should get some and last 6 months with the exercise and weight loss the gains to mental health have been pretty good too.

Following through with tasks. Lots better. Positivity and almost enjoying some activities again after years of battling the negatives. I’ve come down from 300 mgs of effexor ad to 75mgs. Zyprexa steady at 10 for the last few years down to 7.5mgs so on lowest clinical doses of my mental health meds.

So my advice is that there’s real benefits there but for me I think exercise is the key. Getting moving and getting the body into ketosis makes the difference. I don’t see, for me at least, how your supposed to get into ketosis without the movement and from what I’ve read those who’ve improved mentally adopted the diet and exercise.

I think one helps the other and it frustrates me somewhat that I got it easy. I wish others could see the benefits I’ve found but I do better than most and work hard at recovery and always have…Not saying you can’t but work for it. Try adding simple exercise with your doctors approval of course before even trying keto/lo carb but work hard at it…I think I can say honestly it can work for weight loss…and I’m seeing the good side of cognitive gains for sure.

And…after not moving for 7 years. 7 months with some serious weight loss there’s mental health benefits for sure for me!

My two cents but I think it’s important to say this for those wondering about it all.


Glad to see it’s working out for you. Medical keto is way too restrictive on the cheat days for me. I need to be able to eat that burger or sushi once a month, that’s what’s good for my mental health :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Cheats aside I am on relatively low carbs myself but I prefer to keep them for diet variety and palate cleansers, I am also on low fats though because my calorie maintenance is ludicrously low. If I wanted to switch to keto I’d need to cut off all my already minimal carbs, eliminate the cheat days, bump down protein because it’s medical keto, and bump up fats to compensate for the adjustments… I am not pulling that lever unless I really have to because, and I can’t stress this enough, fats and proteins aren’t my jam, carbs instead include jam, enough said.

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It’s not for everyone but with a simple carb manager software you can do it pretty easy is what I’m saying.

Yeah. I do heaps of cheat days too because sugar is seductive to the extreme and things like burgers are my favourite things but I still hit my macros pretty well everyday.

50 grams or less of carbs a day with carb manager is pretty easy to do and you can dial it in so easy. Just takes some work. It’s not hard.

I’m just saying for mental health there’s some great gains there but we have more people who try to adopt it and fail over success’s .

You do you. It’s a no brainer if it’s working for you.

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Oh I am perfectly within the 50g of carbs a day on most days, I guess I am technically on keto too then, to be honest I have more cognitive benefits from intermittent fasting, which I like more and I still don’t do because hitting my protein in intermittent fasting is too hard for me. Most of the benefits, for me at least, come from eating in a caloric deficit, keto doesn’t improve things much further from there, for me, but my diet is mainly protein, not mainly fats as the keto diet should theoretically be since protein do affect negatively ketosis. I wonder when you will eventually stop losing weight whether you’ll keep all the benefits, especially on the negatives.

I am about to shed some light on my thyroid(I have some bloodwork coming up) and hormones in general because it’s stupid how much I have to cut calories to have a very timid weight loss, despite training regularly and walking on average at least 1h a day, I don’t have a problem with needing to do it because my hunger signaling is very mild and I actively want to go slow, but still, I want to make sure nothing’s too off because I am in no uncertain terms on a starvation diet, making very, very small progress, which would be okay for me if it wasn’t worrying.

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Your different from most because losing is that. It’s amazing for our community but I get it.

Still. Don’t rain on everyone else’s parade because this, to me…has so much benefit for our community so I’m not dissing your experience. I’m just saying it has so much more benefit to it without your particular take on it…

it works well with keto too but protein can be an issue for sure which is why bring it up with your doctor.

My whole point is that lo carb is a valid and worthwhile thing for sz people. It really is.

Oh I agree, I didn’t mean to rain down on anyone’s parade. I am even following the keto journey of a gal with Sza on youtube, and she seems to be doing great. I endorse keto as a diet and I think people should try it if it can be helpful towards their goals, especially in our community. I have low symptoms on my current meds with or without the diet so I was never in the position to have massive benefits in that regard to begin with. I should not be taken as reference. All I am saying is that even if keto is too much of a commitment most of us would benefit from a healthier diet and lifestyle in general, since on average we are much more likely to be obese.

Personally my main limitation these days isn’t mental illness, it’s my social life. My negatives aren’t sticking to me, I am sticking to them because I can’t deal with more satisfaction or excitement from secondary sources without getting more of my social needs met without triggering a whole host of very negative and hard to deal with emotions, from depression to panic attacks… It’s really a catch 22 situation and it’s unclear to me how to get out of this hole further without something akin to a miracle from my perspective, because there is nothing that could improve my condition further that doesn’t involve other people.

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Yeah there’s that but honestly the mental benefits take a while to come through but I’ve improved my negs for sure.

Yeah I dig it. I’m aggressively social but it helps me no end. Anxiety and depression are hard things to overcome with the outcomes continually going bad. Still. Meds help some so it’s always worthwhile…well it was for me tweaking stuff for better function.

I guess you isolate what the problem is. Is is something you think you can talk out…ie therapy which I have a dim view upon…or is it something where you need a bit of a kick or change with the meds.

It helps having a decent doctor who’ll listen and try things. Honestly. I have gained a lot from having a doctor who listens and is willing to gamble some. Yeah. It’s worked brilliantly in the past and it’s failed miserably…that is the thing…

But overall. Keto has a place there for better function in our community which is why I bit. As someone who’se seen the other side and the benefits it’s just something I believe won’t help everyone maybe but there’s gains there for sure for our community.

Apologies if I came across as harsh but it doesn’t help the message to have a go so to speak because it’s not your thing…It’s newer and probably more controversial but you could probably understand my position…it works and it works well for some. If not you then please don’t dis on someone trying to promote a message of more exercise and diet.

I appreciate your apology. I really do but consider the original post.

here is a quote of someone else

I also have schizophrenia and I have been following your progress and am in week 6 on the metabolic ketogenic therapies lifestyle. It is like having a different experience of life without positive or negative symptoms. My antipsychotic medication dealt with the positive symptoms pretty well, but I was being affected by negative symptoms badly and for the last five and a half weeks I haven’t experienced any of the negative symptoms. I am stunned by change after 24 years of being on the schizophrenic spectrum.

See the guy got improvement on negative by symptons by Keto

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Its based on Dr Palmer’s book "“brain energy” anyone trying it?

Hey. Sorry it’s been a couple of days.

Like I’m not really being so strict these days as I’m down to near goal weight but I still stick to the basics and will stay lo carb from now on.

Like I’ve been doing it since april last year and noticed last couple of months my negatives have improved too. It’s not really totally there yet but it’s noticiable that I feel some pleasure in getting things done. It’s something different and a nice change.

It’s not for everyone I feel but it’s a very intesting thing to me and we have more people failing at it than succeeding at the moment. I think it’s a tough diet to get into as it’s different and you need to be disciplined…and the results are like the meds. It’s not an instant gratification. Results take time.

Nice! Good work.

I always want it but never disciplined enough to make it stick. Period in = crying and craving in = keto out. I know it is helpful. But :pensive:.

Can I add a poll to your topic? If no, I will delete it.

Did you try keto?

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Did it help?

  • Yes, physically. (e.g. weight loss, energy)
  • Yes, cognitively (e.g. concentration, motivation)
  • Yes, emotionally (e.g. depression, anxiety).
  • Yes, with psychotic symptoms
  • Yes, with something else
  • Unsure for one of more of the above
  • No
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I think I got your poll right but still…

Yes. After like 8 months or so I’m impressed with fantastic weight loss. I bounce around a lot as I’m close to goal weight but I’m still losing so I enjoy some carbs now and then but I’ve hit my 6th weight loss goal which is like 4 kgs (8.8 lbs) per goal.

It works for weight loss but it takes time and I am aggressive with the exercise. I personally think the exercise is the really important thing but interested as always with others experiences.

As to mental improvements. Definite improvements with cognitive things like having goals and sticking too them. Improved motivation and ability to get plans done and also which is really good…

Improvement in negs like actually starting to enjoy some things I’m doing. It’s not major but it’s there.

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