Thank you @Nicehat for Acethylcholine informations!

when you gave us informations about acethylcholine, I said to myself let’s try meds interfering with acethylcholine to see what happens, I used Rivastigmine and now my reasoning ability and short memory is back and my long term memory is better, I can learn again and remind it, my breathing problems is better and thanks to it my med cocktails is reduced to aripiprazole: 30mg, clozapine: 25mg and rivastigmine: 13, I used to take nortriptiline:310 for my pain on left side of my face, chlorediazpoxide: 35mg for my breathing problems and perphenazine: 38mg for my psychosis in addition to my present combination and thanks to your information and rivastigmine I dont use them anymore, well done and thank you Dear @Nicehat.